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Travel Trailer vs. Motorhome: Which Is Right for You?

Would it surprise you to learn that the recreational vehicle industry has tripled in the past decade? Millennials may be infamously killing off the housing market, but their penchant for living as digital nomads is making a huge difference in the number of RVs cruising the nation’s highways and byways.

If this freewheeling lifestyle appeals to you, perhaps you’re wondering about the pros and cons of a travel trailer vs. motorhome. Let’s take a look at the key differences so you can decide which RV is right for you.

Travel Trailer vs. Motorhome: What’s the Difference?

Although they are both recreational vehicles, there are some key differences between travel trailers and motorhomes that you need to understand. A travel trailer is attached to a towing vehicle, such as a pickup truck, by means of a hitch. Motorhomes, on the other hand, have an engine and must be driven rather than towed.

As you might imagine, motorhomes tend to be more expensive than travel trailers. Since they contain the vehicle and the living space, as opposed to just the towable living space of a travel trailer, they understandably cost more.

Advantages of a Travel Trailer

The cost of purchasing a travel trailer is lower, as we’ve just seen, and on top of that, the cost to insure it is also much less than insuring a vehicle with a motor. Note that RVs, in general, tend to have very limited warranties — one year is standard — so a travel trailer is a more conservative, safer investment.

In addition to being less expensive, travel trailers are more convenient than motorhomes. Once you have parked the trailer at a campsite, you can unhitch it from the towing vehicle in order to take short jaunts or even day trips to nearby attractions. If your only vehicle is the motorhome, you’ll have to break camp every time you want to go anywhere (unless you tow a car, which many people feel defeats the purpose of a motorhome!).

Ways That Motorhomes Have an Edge

One of the main advantages of a motorhome is that passengers can do as they please while traveling. It’s against the law for people to ride in a travel trailer when the rig is on the road, which means that everyone must be crowded into the towing vehicle during the drive. With a motorhome, passengers can nap, make a snack, watch a video, or just relax and watch the scenery pass by.

It can be tricky to maneuver a travel trailer, as well. This is especially true when you’re backing up. Motorhomes have a bit of a learning curve as well, but it’s not nearly as steep as when you’re towing a trailer.

There’s a good variety of motorhomes on the market. To find one that suits your lifestyle, check out the Tiffin motorhomes for sale.

So Which Option Is Right For You?

Before you make the investment in an RV, you’ll have to consider your own needs and preferences. Where will you be staying, and what will you do while you’re there? What is your budget? How will your passengers want to pass the time en route?

Whether you purchase a travel trailer vs. motorhome depends on the answer to this question, which only you can answer for yourself.

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