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What Is Propane Used For? Top Uses of It Around the Home

Gas, coal, steam. What do these things have in common?

They all produce energy. Energy used to power batteries, heat homes, or light up a room. It seems that almost everything we deal with today uses power in some form or another.

Especially in the home.

In fact, the energy used in the home accounts for nearly half of all energy used on Earth. 

Needless to say, the energy source you use throughout your home has a big impact on your life.

Below, we’ll discuss the answer to the question, “what is propane used for?“, as well as get into all the uses of propane in and around the home.

What Is Propane?

Before we get into details about propane uses in the home, let’s first discuss what exactly propane is.

Propane is a gas, found naturally in oil wells mixed in with various other gases.

In its natural state, it is not useful as an energy source and is only ready for consumer use after separation and refinement.

Propane was used for lamps as well as heating and the like before evolving to have countless applications in and outside the home today.

What Is Propane Used for?

Essentially, if you can power it with electricity or another energy source, you can power it with propane.

Let’s take a look at some of the various uses of propane around the home.


This may seem fairly obvious even to someone completely unfamiliar with propane gas, but it bears repeating.

Yes, propane is well known for its attendance at any backyard barbeque, but the question you should be asking is: why? 

It just so happens that propane grills offer the maximum amount of temperature control so that your grilling is precise.

Propane grills also get much hotter than other types of grills, making them highly efficient and perfect for grill novices and professionals alike. 

Home Heating

Ever wonder why Southern states generally have electric furnaces, but Northern states often have coal or gas furnaces?

The answer lies in the quality and efficiency.

It just so happens that a propane furnace in your home typically lasts longer than an electric one. Additionally, propane furnaces are known to be cheaper to run and are not dependent on any exterior power supply, meaning they will work in an outage.

So, since Northern states have a much greater need for heating than Southern states do, it makes sense that they would go for a propane furnace that will be cheaper to operate and last longer than any other type.

Ovens And Stovetops

Electric stoves with coils take up great amounts of electricity and take great amounts of time to preheat. This is exactly why many people are turning to propane stoves. 

Propane stoves can be cheaper than electricity, and much like the propane grill gives you precise control over the temperature. 

As an added perk, propane stoves are safer because they cool down much faster than a conventional stove with electric coils, saving you and others from all those nasty accidental burns.

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While the answer to the question “what is propane used for?” yields a whole lot of information, it is undoubtedly one of the more underappreciated energy sources for your home.

Want to learn more about propane usage, or perhaps home improvement?

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