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What a drip! How to fix a leaky tap, shower or toilet

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You settle into bed for the evening and are lying in the darkness trying to get to sleep when it happens.
And it’s always when you’re lying in bed trying to get to sleep because you have to get up early for an important meeting in the morning.
You try and wrench the tap so it is tightly switched off, but it’s no good.
Two hours pass.
Good luck trying to sleep!

Of course, this is a familiar situation for a lot of us. In this article, we’ll cover the basics to help you repair a leaky tap, shower or toilet and help you get a good night’s sleep!

What’s all the fuss about? You might not think a leaking tap is a big deal. After all, it’s just a little annoying, right? Wrong. As we previously mentioned in this article, a slowly leaking tap can waste up to 20,000 litres of water per year, so it makes environmental sense to fix the problem as soon as you notice it. To calculate your home’s water wastage, click here.

Not only that, but one small leaking tap can give you other problems too, as rotting floors, pipe erosion and other water damage can cause a threat to you, your property and your purse, with ceilings below toilets falling, the risk of slipping on puddles and respiratory problems caused by damp and mould, plus the added costs to fix them.

Fix a leaking tap Taps are either traditional or monobloc lever style, so this will affect how you fix it in the first instance. Then, you need to work out where the water is dripping from, is it the tap or the handle?

Generally, if it is the tap, then you need a new washer fitting. If it is the handle, you will need to get your hands on a new o-ring. Before attempting your foray into DIY plumbing, make sure you have turned the water off at the stop cock or isolation valve, often found in the piping under the sink and let the water run dry.

Fix a leaking shower Oftentimes, it is not a fault in the showerhead that is causing the leak, but the shower surroundings. Mostly, it is due to a poorly fitted shower door or using a material curtain as opposed to a glass one, where water can run down and cause a puddle on the floor. This should be dealt with immediately by placing a mat or towel on the ground and cleaning the floor post-use to avoid any lingering water that could later cause rot.

It is also good practice to check all seals around the water to see if there are any holes that could be allowing water to leak through into the room. If so, old caulk can be scraped away with a knife and reapplied where necessary.

Fix a leaking toilet If you spot water dripping beneath the toilet, then all it may take to stop it is a tightening of the closet bolts to fasten it more securely to the floor.

Another problem may be tank condensation, which is wetness on the outside of the bowl. This is easily solved by inserting toilet tank liners that help insulate the cold water inside the tank from the humid water outside.

However, if there is a crack in the tank, a whole new toilet will need to be installed. Also, take care that when using wrenches, you don’t want to turn the bolts too tight and crack the pan.

Or you can avoid all this stress and just call Sydney Emergency Plumbing if you suspect you have a leak anywhere in your plumbing or water heater and protect your family, your home and the planet.

Sydney Emergency Plumbing can provide a no-obligation quote to have your leaking toilet repaired or replaced. We operate 24 hours, seven days a week, so there’s no need to put off repairing a leaking toilet that is costing you money. We can attend your property in the evening or on the weekend to suit your schedule.

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