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7 Tips for Creating Educational Content About Contact Lenses

45 million people wear contacts in and around the United States. That number is rapidly growing given that unemployment is down and there’s more ancillary money to spend on vision solutions not as widely covered by insurance.

Increased demand for contact lenses means that, if your organization is in the business of selling or being affiliated with a seller of lenses, opportunities are abundant.

With that said, demand on its own doesn’t sell products. In order to harness demand, you have to leverage marketing.

Among the best ways to market contact lenses is to create educational content around them. That’s going to be the focus of this article!

Below, our team has created a list of tips that will help you create exceptional web content around contacts to help you engage consumers, educate them, and drive up sales!

1. Create Quality Content

A lot of people get into the business of creating blogs for their companies because they want to dominate search engine traffic and drive up consumer leads.

We certainly don’t fault those people. After all, that’s what we’re advocating you do.

With that said, creating content around contact lenses online is not the same as creating quality content.

Google and other search engines have gotten very good at sniffing out sub-par keyword loaded educational content that offers little value to consumers. Don’t be a publisher of that kind of content.

Really put time into crafting your contact lens related educational content (see more here) and you’ll find better search engine rankings and more qualified leads.

2. Make Your Content Visual

Nobody likes being hit over the head with a wall of text when they’re reading content online. As a matter of fact, today, people have shorter attention spans than goldfish.

One of the most simple ways to grab those people’s attention is by having stunning visuals strewn about your educational content which really works to hook people in.

We suggest having one piece of imagery that helps communicate the information you’re conveying every 300 words.

3. Give Away Tremendous Value for Nothing

Get this, there are almost 2 billion websites online right now. That means, your educational content needs to be extraordinary for somebody to want to read what you have to say as opposed to what other people have to say.

You need to go in-depth and offer your contact lens expertise in full to really impress customers online and earn their trust. Don’t hold back.

If you do, a competitor won’t and they’ll be the person your customers flock to.

4. Funny is a Valuable Tool

Even if you’re creating content on more medical related topics like contacts and vision, there’s still room for levity and being personable with your readers.

People appreciate reading someone’s writing that doesn’t come off as robotic and makes them feel as though they’d like to be friends with the person on the other end of the material they’re consuming.

Be that person. Show off your personality.

The more you can entertain your readers, the more susceptible they’ll be to consuming your educational message.

5. Let People Engage With You

In today’s digital age, people expect to be able to interact with the creator of the content they’re consuming. One of the easiest ways you can enable that expectation is by adding a comment section to the bottom of the articles you write.

With contact lens related content, people may want more personalized information on what might work best for their unique vision situation. A comment section will allow them to ask their unique questions which you can then answer in as timely a fashion as possible.

The more willing you are to engage with your readers the more trust you’ll foster.

6. Educate With a Story

Not all educational content needs to be comprised of exposition. One of the best ways to educate people is through telling relevant stories that have a takeaway which gets your point across.

To that end, find people who have had struggles with optometry and contacts in the past and share their experiences. Let readers know what ultimately ended up working for them in the end.

Educating people on contact lenses through the lens of other people’s experiences can add humanity to your content which makes consuming it all the more exciting.

7. Share Your Content Everywhere

With the amount of content there is online, the odds of someone finding your educational materials sitting on your website are slim to nill. That’s why you need to be proactive with sharing.

An easy way to do this is for your organization to set up social media channels and share your educational content across those platforms.

Remember, being successful on social media is about more than just pushing your expertise on others. It’s about sharing your customer’s stories, answering their questions, and ultimately being a valuable member of the social media community!

Wrapping Up How to Create Quality Educational Content for Contact Lenses

70% of the American population uses some device to help correct their vision. A large amount of those people opt for contacts.

That means there are millions of people who can really benefit from learning more of the incredible insight your contact company has.

Be proactive in creating quality educational content that shares your expertise and you’ll quickly find that people start relying on you to make their purchase decisions and ultimately, will become raving fans of your brand!

Are you inspired to start creating incredible content that helps drive leads to your organization? If so, our team can help.

At Article City, we specialize in helping companies like yours create professionally written content that has the potential to skyrocket their brand.

Learn more about the value of content marketing and sign up with our group for free today!

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