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How Plantz Improve Overall Wellness

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Many people don’t understand that plants are more than just a decoration. Biophilia is becoming a way humans connect to the natural environments that surround us everywhere we go. With natural colors, textures, lighting, and forms, biophilia gives us direct relationships with nature. What is amazing about biophilic design is that these types of relationships are found in any design you choose to have in your space. From living green walls and vertical gardens to green areas and simple small plants, this type of biophilia makes your space become memorable. When this connection with nature occurs, your well-being is affected as well (in a good way of course). Take a look at how biophilia and the design aspects around it affect your overall wellness:

Encourages More Social Interaction:

Biophilia is becoming a social piece in society. Everywhere you look that has amazing and beautiful plants, it will be talked about in one way or another. Plants and nature actually encourage healthy social interaction by encouraging their spontaneous occurrence. But when an amazing biophilic design is present, it brings a “feel good” feeling to everyone that is present. It makes those feel comfortable in their surrounding area. When this feeling occurs, you feel more open to conversation and connecting with others. It doesn’t matter if it’s at work, home, or going on your weekly shopping trip, biophilia will turn this into a social frenzy!

Reduces Anxiety and Stress:

It has been proven time and time again that biophilia helps with stress and anxiety in the environment you are in. When the space around you is filled with beautiful nature and different colors, your body helps put you in “relax mode”. According to environmental psychologist Stephen Kaplan, nature powerfully engages the mind with “involuntary fascination,” which helps to restore directed attention and focus. The result of this is a lack of stress, and an increase in imagination and happiness to go along with it. For those who have views of nature, their overall well-being is greater than those who are in an urban setting surrounded by buildings and roads.

Biophilic design helps people be more comfortable in the space around them. A simple plant at work can help calm nerves and anxiety. A walk where you are surrounded by nature with huge trees and greenery can bring relaxation and curiosity. No matter what greenery you include in your space, the visual presence of plants is directly connected to having a positive effect on any stress and anxiety you might have.

Boosts Energy:

The presence of biophilia gives people an increased feeling of vitality, boosting their energy levels and mood. The natural elements that plants provide help people feel more active and alive. This is done not just by the overall look of plants in your space, but because they freshen up the air and eliminate harmful toxins as well. They give you the ability to breathe clean air and can improve respiratory health too.

Plants affect individuals’ cognitive abilities such as creativity and problem-solving. They give you a boost of concentration to get work done and finish tasks that you have been wanting to get done at work or around the house. This type of boost in energy also goes together with physical health and activity. You are more willing to go for a bike ride or walk when a beautiful biophilia design is present.

Believe it or not, biophilia that surrounds us helps our everyday well-being in more ways than you think. Certain design aspects at work or at home can improve the quality of your everyday life by reducing stress, increasing social interaction with those around you, and giving you that extra energy boost you might need.

If you’re looking to improve your biophilia design to help combat these common health issues, look no further than Plantz! At Plantz, we care about you and your well-being. We provide you with the plants and the knowledge for your next memorable space. For any of your biophilia needs, visit today!

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