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7 Things Your Janitorial Service Should Be Cleaning!

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Having a sanitary, well maintained, and clean work environment sends the clear and important message that you care about your business, the comfort of your visitors, the perceptions of your clients and potential clients, and it is a good measure of your management skills too.

Not sure if what your janitorial service should be cleaning? To make sure your office is thoroughly cleaned and employees are not being slowed down by lack of janitorial maintenance, have your janitor cleaning service do the following things:

7 Things a Janitorial Service Should Not Miss

    • A good janitor service should dust all furniture and tabletops, especially in any entrance-way or waiting area. Don’t’ forget high-dusting
    • Clean the area around all doorknobs and wall light switches.
    • Clean the carpets and upholstery because they collect dirt, dust, and bacteria. Make sure your janitorial service has the necessary carpet and upholstery cleaning experience and that they give special attention to any waiting area or entrance area. Cleaning and properly maintaining carpets and upholstery have the added benefit of extending the life of those items.
    • The Bathroom. It goes without saying that restroom cleaning should be both cleaned and disinfected regularly – daily, if they get heavy traffic or if they are used by visitors, clients, and potential clients. Your janitor service should clean the grout regularly. Make sure that there is no shortage of liquid soap, paper or cloth towels, and toilet paper.
    • Regularly carry out all the trash, ideally at the end of each day to help keep the indoor air smelling clean and fresh. Janitors should also put new garbage bags in the bins after disposing of the garbage.
    • Clean all glass doors and windows so they’re clear and streak-free. This will add more light to the office, making employees happier and more productive.
    • Stripping and sealing of floors. Doing this will reduce marks and make the floors look shiny and new. Without proper maintenance, floors can lose their sheen and look grimy.

Do all this, and do it consistently, and you’ll improve your employee’s productivity, visitor retention, and company reputation.

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