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The Mattress Industry Is Being Disrupted By This Company

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A mattress company is ready to shake up the industry and disrupt the market in a big way. Tochta is crafting a niche in the market by offering the opportunity for customers to custom build their mattress. The business is specifically targeting clients who own RVs or trucks but are also helping customers looking for the perfect mattress for their home.

Through extensive research, Tochta determined that many customers were struggling to find the right size mattress to meet their needs. The company realized that every client was different. With unique space requirements and budgetary needs, the ‘one size fits all’ approach to mattress products was a significant pain point for customers. Tochta realized that these clients would be interested in buying a mattress that could provide a perfect fit so that’s exactly what they set out to deliver.

Through their business website, Tochta is providing its clients with a mattress builder tool. Using this option, clients can select the type of mattress they want with three possibilities available. This includes Journey, Utopia and Divini. Each mattress design provides different key selling points from a luxury option to high value or even an adjustable product.

Clients are also provided complete freedom on the width, length and even the thickness of the mattress. While the business provides advice and support with recommendations on standard bed sizes and the right level of thickness, ultimately, the choice is left entirely with the consumer.

The client is also able to select the cuts of the mattress including each individual corner and fully customized bed options. As the client continues to customize their mattress they are provided with a final price. This provides them with complete control over how much they want to spend and what type of mattress will fit their budget.

According to Tocha, this is an option that is completely unique in the market and is not being delivered by any similar mattress companies.

Tocha suggests that the solution has been particularly popular with recreational vehicle owners. Customers with RVs, trucks, boats, and planes can use the service to custom build the perfect sized mattress for their vehicle. According to the company, this is crucial as many recreational vehicles come with a specifically sized mattress. These often do not match the typical standard sizes on the market, making it difficult to replace and upgrade the beds in these vehicles.

With the new solution, this is simple. Customers can simply measure the size they want or need and input the measurements into the mattress builder to create the perfect RV mattress to meet their needs.

The business is also aware that on average homes are getting smaller and this includes room sizes. It’s becoming more crucial for customers to find the mattress that provides the right fit for the size of the room and the space that they have in their home. The company is providing clients with a way to plan this down to the nearest inch. Regardless of what size of the room they have in their home, the company is confident that they’ll be able to build the perfect mattress to match their requirements.

About Tochta

Tochta has been on the market for 25 years and during that time has helped over 2 million customers find the perfect mattress they need. They have ensured that customers who have bought RVs with poor quality mattresses have found the ideal alternative to ensure the absolute ultimate comfort in an RV. With two hundred mattress produced every day in their factories, the company also has a commitment to quality and creates all their products in the USA.

The business recognized that when looking for custom beds, customers had a number of key questions. They were curious about quality, cost, level of customization and if this option even existed on the market. The business then set out to provide an easy solution to these clients.

Since then, the business has quickly established itself as a world leader in custom made beds, offering a solution that isn’t easily accessible anywhere else on the market. Crucially, through a high level of efficiency and an innovative business model, the company has also opened up the custom made mattress market to a wide range of customers. The business firmly believes that everyone should be able to get the quality night sleep they deserve whether they are at home or in their recreational vehicle.

More information about the business can be found on the company website along with details on their unique mattress builder.

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