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6 Ways To Use Foam3d™ At Sporting Events

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Ideas to make gameday more memorable, engage fans, and get more impressions.

Here’s a simple fact: Foam3D sculptures and props always attract attention. Sports fans always love a dose of unexpected fun. And businesses love interacting with this target audience by using this unique branding medium that combines visual exposure and entertainment value.

Foam3D creations stop people in their tracks and get them reaching for their phones to snap and share images on social media. Britten’s CNC, foam-sculpting technology delivers the power to reproduce anything sports marketers can imagine to build hype and bigger fan/customer loyalty across multiple social platforms. Check out these cool ways sports team and agencies have used Foam3D to get noticed.



Large foam letters and hashtags can be made any size or any font. They can hang from the ceiling or attach to a wall. But in today’s digital world where sponsors and brands are always looking for ways to harness the power of social media, freestanding oversized letters rule.

Use them for brand activations, sponsor names, or team-inspired messaging. Hard-coated Foam3D letters can be placed indoors or outside and have a far greater lifespan than their time at sporting events when fans post photos of them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media outlets.

Want more information about sizing and pricing foam letters? Check out our blog, Foam Letters: Read Before You Buy.



In the social media landscape, selfies are traded like currency. Foam3D technology gives you the ability to create large, yet extremely light-weight, statues of logos and team mascots that fans love to interact with. Layers of epoxy coating applied to the outer surface of a selfie-sign delivers foam sturdiness and longevity

Selfie-signs can be used for interactive promotions at college campuses, inside or outside stadium venues, and during brand/fan activations hosted by major sports sponsors. Foam3D selfie-signs also are used to help colleges and pro teams build gameday hype, promote team spirit, and help sponsors create engaging experiences where fans can make memories.



Visual impact and foam’s “fun factor” are huge reasons why 3D product replicas are used to generate more buzz than flat graphics at fan zones and brand activations. As the easiest and most cost-effective method of creating custom 3D replicas, nothing compares to foam.

Modern 3D design combined with Foam3D sculpting technology delivers the ability to scale versions of any product or object you desire. Finished replicas are highly realistic and can be used to advertise, drive social interest, or as decorations at event activations. Durable hard-shell coating ensures that foam replicas can stand up to repeated handling in indoor and outdoor locations.



Golf promoters and PGA sponsors were some of the first to realize the power of foam sculptures for capturing the attention of television cameras and in-person fans. A floating sculpture, hashtag, or brand logo on a water hazard delivers a captivating focal point that’s hard for audiences to ignore.

With advanced foam-sculpting technology, you can turn any idea into an attention-grabber anywhere there’s water. Light weight and easy to deploy and anchor, these hard-coated sculptures are water-resistant and create an eye-catching spectacle for both TV audiences and in-house fans.



Foam3D monument signs can be used to establish an eye-catching presence. But they do more than promote a brand when you add messaging or use them as a selfie-sign to promote team spirit or engage fans.

Foam-sculpted monument signs can be made to look like they’re built from solid brick, steel, or stone. But they’re light weight and portable, which means they’re easy to deploy and transport for traveling team events and event activations promoting your advertisers and sponsors.



Modern pregame and, particularly, NFL halftime shows have become full-blown theatrical performances complete with blaring sound systems, lighting, smoke machines, and over-the-top stage elements that increasingly include giant Foam3D sculptures and props.

The elaborate entrance tunnels with Foam3D elements incorporate a wood and/or metal frame design. To optimize mobility and off-season storage, these oversized sculptures can be machined into multiple, lightweight sections and quickly pieced together like a puzzle. On the field, they contribute to the drama of the show, create a unique photo op for media outlets, and fans who share photos with friends from the stands.

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