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5 Tips for Better Safety Management

In the U.S., a worker is injured on the job about every seven seconds! A statistic like that is eye-opening to every business owner or manager. Unfortunately, workplace injuries are rather common.

Are you looking to improve your safety management to protect your employees? Keep reading to learn some top tips on managing the safety of your employees to keep your business running smoothly.

1. Communicate Regularly

Having safety policies is vital, but you must make sure they are frequently communicated and accessible to all employees. You want to make sure all employees know and understand these policies.

You want to remind your employees that safety is more important than productivity. This message can get lost in the daily grind. Employees sometimes feel they get mixed messages, so they need to be reminded about the priority of safety.

Make sure employees have a strong personal connection with their safety along with the safety of other employees with shared accountability. Open and honest communication is vital, so make sure everyone knows OSHA regulations and OSHA compliance to perform their jobs safely.

2. Reward Safe Work

In addition to communication, you can encourage people to put safety first if there are policies in place to reinforce positive behaviors. You should actively reward your employees for good safety conduct. 

This can be as simple as calling attention to a safe action like using a ladder correctly. You can also implement a reward program for good safety behavior that tracks awards points and an employee can choose a reward.

3. Conduct Safety Training

Training your employees is vital to their safety. They need to embrace the safety culture. It should be a part of all employees’ onboarding processes. 

Training should be comprehensive. Employees should also have access to training materials, and you should conduct refreshers regularly. 

Take the time to review the vital information from the sessions. This helps reinforce learning and you should document all the training. 

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4. Keep Your Workplace Tidy

Having a tidy workspace creates and inspires confidence. It can also reduce potential work hazards. Make sure your workplace does the following to promote safety:

  • Install adequate, good lighting
  • Pack all boxes away from windows
  • Ensure that all windows and doors are in excellent condition
  • Repair work equipment regularly

Your business workplace is a reflection of your employees—and you. Try setting aside time once a month for a general cleaning session, so you can get rid of items that are unnecessary.

Make it a team event so you can create bonding. During this time, you can also review all the OSHA requirements to make sure you have a safe and clean work environment.

5. Report Safety Issues

It’s natural for you to want to get a job completed on time (or even ahead of time). This “get it done” quick attitude can cause accidents. 

You want to make employees understand that they don’t need to take shortcuts to get things done on time. Safety should always be a top priority. 

If an employee feels something is unsafe, they should feel comfortable reporting it before something happens. All employees should have a sense of responsibility for the safety of the organization and ideas on how safety can be improved. 

Improve Safety Management

You want a safe work environment for your employees. Follow these safety management tips to make sure your employees are comfortable with coming to work and will report any safety issues to improve a situation before it becomes a problem. Be sure you establish open communication and set the precedence for a safe workplace.

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