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5 Ways to Jump Into Fitness With Trampolines

Remember how fun it was to jump on a trampoline as a kid?

Well, you probably didn’t realize back then that you were also getting a full-body, low-impact workout! If you’re looking for a stimulating and unique way to burn calories and tone up, bringing that childlike fun back into your life is a great way to go.

Here are five different ways that you can jump into using trampolines for fitness.

1) Introduce Yourself to Trampolines

Before you get crazy, start with the basics.

These steps are the perfect way to start if getting back on a trampoline, or even using one for the first time, sounds a little intimidating. Here are the details:

  • Step onto the trampoline. Don’t be scared, it won’t tip over!
  • Make sure you’re comfortable with the trampoline that you’re on. Check out some heavy duty trampolines for sale if things are feeling a little flimsy.
  • Shift your weight from side-to-side to get your bearings.
  • Start with small bounces, making sure your core is activated.
  • Flatten your feet to stop yourself, and try out some squats, some upper body twists, or some slowed-down high knees.
  • Try some different heights of bounces, lifting your legs higher as you feel more comfortable.

2) Simply Bouncing

Although there are tons of options for trampoline workouts, there’s nothing wrong with just vertically bouncing.

In fact, many experts recommend this type of workout as one of the best ways to achieve general muscle toning. Also, the repetitive bouncing activates the flow to your lymphatic system, which in turn aids your immune system.

3) Total Body Workout

But why limit yourself to just bouncing when you can exercise your whole body?

After getting your cardio in, use these exercises to get a full body workout on a trampoline:

  • Upper Body Workout: frame-assisted pushups, planking with your hands in the center of the trampoline, and bouncing mat pushups.
  • Abs Workout: seated bouncing, rollbacks, and heel drops.
  • Leg Workout: squats on the trampoline, balance lifts, and lunges on the trampoline.

4) Interval Training

Using a trampoline to do high-intensity interval training is more exciting than basic interval training, and provides many other benefits as well.

Interval training on a trampoline increases the number of calories burned, increases how much fat is burned, and raises the metabolism.

Because there is a soft landing for a buffer, it’s easy on the joints. And because there is an unstable surface, it challenges your body throughout the workout to react against the forces of gravity, like momentum.

5) Incorporating Dance

Dancing is a way to make your trampoline workout even MORE fun!

While you’re bouncing, add in a dance move at the top of each jump. You can twist, kick, or freestyle any move that your heart desires. Not only will this make your workout a ton of fun, you won’t feel like you’re working out at all.

Are You Jumping for Joy?

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