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Celebrating Artistic Excellence: Alliance Tattoo And Art Gallery Showcases Top Talent in Eugene


EUGENE, OR, January 27, 2024— Alliance Tattoo And Art Gallery, a premier destination for exceptional tattoo artistry in Eugene, Oregon, proudly showcases the extraordinary talents of its team of renowned artists. Known for its commitment to quality, creativity, and customer satisfaction, the tattoo shop Eugene, OR invites art and tattoo enthusiasts to experience the unique styles and artistic visions of its resident artists.

Featured Artists:

Curtis Duke: Curtis Duke began his tattooing journey in 2014, inspired while in the military stationed in Germany. As a self-taught artist, Duke has developed a distinctive style, focusing on black and gray realism but has extensive experience in all types of tattoos. His work reflects a deep passion for tattooing, seeing it as a way to bring lifelong art to people. Beyond tattooing, Duke’s interests include extreme sports, oil painting, drawing with charcoal, and a fascination with bonsai.

Cory Eifert: a tattoo artist with over three years of experience, has made a significant impact in the Pacific Northwest tattoo scene, particularly in Eugene, Oregon. Beginning his career in 2019, Eifert has not only been honing his skills in tattooing but also developing his brand, “Subconscious Ink,” and playing a key role in the growth of the Alliance Art Gallery. Known for his expertise in blackwork, Eifert also skillfully incorporates color into his designs, offering a distinct and compelling artistic vision. In addition to his tattooing prowess, Cory is also passionate about painting, frequently working with both oil and acrylic mediums. He has a unique talent for creating hand-crafted cedar burial pendants, which are further adorned with ancient coins, adding a historical and personal touch to his art. As of 2024, Eifert is focused on expanding his presence through guest appearances and community collaborations, showcasing his diverse artistic talents across various mediums.

Gage Cheesman: Gage Cheesman started his tattooing career at 18 years old. After a year-long apprenticeship, he deepened his expertise in black and grey surrealism. With six years of experience, Cheesman brings innovative designs to his clients, continually honing his skills through oil painting and graphite and charcoal drawing. He is passionate about the outdoor lifestyle of the Pacific Northwest, enjoying activities like hunting, hiking, snowboarding, camping, and traveling.

Jessica Gold: A licensed tattoo artist since September 2018, Jessica Gold’s journey in Eugene, Oregon, is marked by a lifelong passion for various art forms. Her diverse background includes fine art, ceramics, and film photography. Her love for tattooing blossomed after moving to Oregon in 2015, leading her to pursue her dream career. Five years later, Gold is living her dream, embracing every aspect of her artistic journey.

Steve-o Margaretis: Steve-o Margaretis began his tattoo career at Tombstone Tattoos in 2004, working with Danny Frost and Brandon Garreau. He later joined Wild Idea and Thrashes Living Art Studio. Margaretis co-founded Visionary Ink in Rapid City, demonstrating his leadership and artistic vision. With over 20 years in the field, he specializes in various styles and works collaboratively with clients to bring their dream tattoos to life. For consultations, contact him via Instagram or Facebook.

About Alliance Tattoo And Art Gallery:

Located in the heart of Eugene, Alliance Tattoo And Art Gallery is a hub for artistic expression and creativity. The best tattoo shop Eugene, OR provides a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere for both artists and clients. Committed to the highest standards of safety and hygiene, the gallery ensures a comfortable and secure environment for all.

Visit Us:

Are you looking for tattoo shops Eugene, OR based? Experience the artistry of Alliance Tattoo And Art Gallery’s team and transform your visions into lasting works of art. The gallery is open Tuesday-Saturday from 9am-5pm, located at 1611 Oak St. Eugene, Oregon, 97405. For appointments or consultations, please visit

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