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5 Tips on Choosing the Right College Roommate for You

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The worst roommate anecdotes always start with random assignments.

If you have no say in who you live with, you’re bound to end up with horror stories.

Yet getting to choose your own roommates means big responsibility.

How can you know if you’re picking the right person? Here are 5 tips to help you settle on the right college roommate to set up for a great semester.

1. Think About Your Preferences

Before you start looking for a roommate, know your own preferences. Make sure you have an idea of the number of roommates you’re looking for, along with what you want to get out of the experience. Being prepared ahead of time can help make sure there are no surprises during the search process.

2. Decide If You’re the Right Kind of Roommate

Whether you’re up for living with friends or strangers, you need to be the right kind of person that people can get along with. Do some introspection and consider your own personality.

If you’ve lived with roommates before, did they have any complaints? Was there any truth to their claims?

While it’s hard to hear sometimes, the things we need to work on may hinder a roommate relationship. Be the best person you can be, and that will help ensure you have a good experience with your roommates.

3. Ask About Finances

While no one likes to talk about money, splitting your rent is a big reason people choose to have roommates in college. If you want to know your roommates will always be able to cover their portion, make sure you ask about finances before you sign anything. Places like Tallahassee student apartments have four bedrooms, so you’ll want to ask all three roommates the same question.

4. Consider Their Schedule

You and your roommate will probably have different class schedules, but you may also have different internal clocks. Some people are wired to get up early and others like to pull all-nighters.

It’s important for roommates to know each other’s habits and schedules so you don’t have conflict over shower time, study preferences, or inviting people over. If your roommate wants to host parties on Thursday nights and doesn’t have Friday classes, that could make it hard for you to study for your early Friday morning class.

5. Choosing the Best College Roommate

Make sure you choose roommates you have something in common with. They don’t have to be your twin or your soulmate, but you don’t want to be complete opposites or it will be hard to get along.

You may even want to plan activities with roommates if you find you have a lot in common and you like hanging out. Ask potential roommates about their interests and hobbies before you decide who to live with.

You can also ask about their preferences, like how clean they like to keep their room and how they handle surprises or conflict.

The Right Person

Finding the right college roommate means asking the right questions. If you find out about their finances, schedule, and preferences, you’re halfway there. Making sure you know your own preferences and personality will cinch the deal and help you decide on a good match.

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