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5 things you simply *must* know before your Atlanta headshot session

If it’s been more than 3 years since your last profile photo update *pinches bridge of nose and sighs deeply* we need to talk. Also if your hair is a different color or style or IF YOU HAVE AGED DRASTICALLY *pats seat next to me* sit down honey.

Professional photo shoots are the best way to get the perfect photos you need. These photos could be used for business cards, websites, marketing materials, online profiles (professional and personal) and more. What’s not a perfect photo a photo for your business needs? One where you’ve cropped out your bestie from a backyard BBQ or a selfie in the bathroom. But a scheduled photo shoot with a person who takes portraits for a living. Stick with me here as I lay out a few tips for achieving the best outcome from your photo shoot, ensuring the perfect atlanta headshot.

1. Match Your Outfit to Your Brand

Are you a lawyer? Or an artist? A life coach or some other entrepreneur? Your brand will determine what to wear for your photo shoot. There’s no one “right” way to present yourself. If you feel like a suit is too stuffy for your profession and brand, choose clothing that fits your personality and style. I do recommend steering clear of too many conflicting patterns but color and contrast is always encouraged!


2. Think About The Environment

On-location photo shoots are becoming more common for branding headshot photos. If you have an office where you meet with clients, consider having photos taken in and around the office so clients can picture what it will be like to work with you. This will bring out your most authentic and comfortable expressions and postures.

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3. Have Several Outfit Options

I like to recommend clients have at least three to five outfit selections, complete with accessories and shoes. Some different situations for outfits to consider are a first time client meeting, a networking cocktail party, and your every day work look. If you want, throw in a “night out with friends” or “date night” look to add some diversity to your options.

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4. Use a Professional Hair and Makeup Artist

*talking to those who choose to wear makeup* There is a theory going around the interwebs that say you should tone it down for your headshot session so that you will appear more “professional”. But I’m here to tell you that “everyday makeup” and “photo makeup” are two different beasts. Trust me when I say that a professional makeup artist will know how to enhance your everyday look, bringing out the very best version of yourself.

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5. Trust Your Photographer

Do a bit of research first. Visit their website, check out their social media pages, read their Google reviews. See if you think you’ll “click” (see what I did there) with them before you invest your time and money in your photo session. If you feel like they get you, or that you get them, chances are the outcome of your session will be positive. Communication is key!

For a list of all the services that we offer, click here! One of them is, wait for it, HEADSHOTS! I KNOW! How serendipitous.

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