Fun Sober Activities

When you struggle with a substance addiction problem, it may seem like there are no fun times left in life. Of course, those who are stuck in the midst of the cycle of drug addiction live each moment and each day for the next drug. If you’re in this predicament, it’s not surprising if you feel that there isn’t much joy in life. However, you can participate in fun sober activities and learn to enjoy life again without drugs or alcohol.

Keys to Staying Sober

Staying sober is a day-to-day choice and a day-to-day challenge for those in recovery. Two of the key components to recovery and living sober is:

  1. Surrounding yourself with supportive friends who don’t use drugs
  2. Finding activities that don’t involve drugs or alcohol

Friends are an important part of life, and if you don’t have supportive friends it makes recovery more difficult. If nothing else, it’s important to remove those friends who would drag you back into the lifestyle you are trying to leave.

Fun Sober Activities

When you discover some of the simple pleasures of life again, you’ll have a much more successful time staying sober. Finding fun, but sober activities in which to participate in is something that will keep your mind active and your hands and feet busy so you don’t get tempted to relapse. Here are a few best ideas for sober recovery:

  • Join a support group that involves recreational therapy
  • Learn a musical instrument, new sport, or something you’ve always wanted to do
  • Take a class on something exciting that you want to know about or further your education. This will keep you busy and further your job prospects
  • Go hiking and enjoy the natural world. When you exercise, your brain will stimulate natural chemicals that make you feel great
  • Participate in picnics with family and friends
  • Play games, indoor or outdoor. This stimulates the mind and is a good way to bond with others
  • Swimming is a relaxing, good exercise, and it’s easy on the joints

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