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5 Techniques to Get More Reviews for Your Business

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Before deciding where to go or what to buy, people check out a company’s reputation by looking at online reviews and ratings. Therefore, having satisfied consumers write about their experience is always beneficial to you. Your customers’ feedback enhances your company and its products or services. Likewise, it enhances your online reputation while convincing others to choose your business. So how do you encourage your customers to write outstanding reviews to help your business succeed? Check out 5 five techniques to get more online reviews for your business.

1. Start by Just Asking

Encourage your customers to post an online review using banners, flyers, pamphlets, and window clings throughout your physical location. You can also add a review request at the bottom of their receipts. You could even use a QR code that, when scanned, leads to a list of review profile links, allowing users to select the platform of their choice to submit a review. Be creative!

2. Use Email Campaigns

Even after clients have left your location, there are excellent opportunities to encourage them to submit their reviews. Email campaigns can help you generate more online reviews for your business. Your email subscribers are your greatest supporters. They are likely to post an online review of your business if you send an email inviting them to do it.

3. Share Customers’ Reviews

Sharing your customers’ reviews will encourage others to do the same. It’s called social proof. Use your social media platforms to promote the greatest reviews you’ve received. This will not only help you gain more online reviews for your business, but it will also help you showcase your best assets and attract new clients.

4. Thoughtfully Respond to Existing Reviews

Take time to thank customers for their reviews and answer them as best as you can. Taking the time to respond to customers demonstrates that the business genuinely cares about their opinions. Ideally, your answers should be individualized and formulated in a unique way for each customer. Also, remember to encourage customers to come back when answering their reviews.

5. Give Incentives for Writing Reviews

Create an incentive for your customers to leave a review. However, be careful to not to seem like you’re bribing people to write good things about your brand.  Bribing customers should be distinguished from giving them modest rewards. One easy way to differentiate this is by making sure the incentive is offered for writing “a review,” not for writing a “positive review.” Providing incentives to get reviews is very important, especially at the beginning of your business.

Your business has the ability to influence the number of reviews it receives. Reviews can boost your business reputation and draw in additional customers. Keep in mind that the more reviews a product or business gets, the more trustworthy it becomes. Use these techniques to help you!

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