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Laser Hair Removal vs. Waxing

Until the past few years, the average American woman was shaving an average of 12 times per month. No longer wanting to spend all that extra time in the shower or experience uncomfortable razor burn, many women have stopped.

If you’re one of the women who’s ready to ditch the razor but still wants to remove body hair, you’re probably wondering about alternative hair removal options. 

Two of the most popular methods for removing unwanted hair without picking up a razor include laser hair removal and waxing. However, these two methods are not created equally.

Looking to learn more about laser hair removal vs waxing? You’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out about the differences and, ultimately, which one is the better choice.

Laser Hair Removal

First up is laser hair removal. Laser hair removal must be done by professionals and can come with a higher upfront cost than other hair removal methods. However, both the short-term and long-term benefits make this higher cost well worth it.

Most laser hair removal treatments begin with a numbing and cooling process that targets any areas with unwanted hair. Then, high-power lasers blast the root of each hair and destroy the hair follicles so that hair can’t regrow any time soon.

When you first invest in laser hair removal, you’ll need multiple treatments to complete the process. However, after those treatments, you won’t have to worry about regrowth for months or, in some cases, years.


Now, let’s talk about waxing. Waxing is an older method for getting rid of hair and it’s something that you can do at home. Waxing kits are available for purchase at most drug and beauty stores for a reasonable price.

That said, you’re going to get better results if you pay for professional waxing. Whether at home or in a parlor, you’re going to experience pain. As the name suggests, waxing is the process of applying a hot layer of wax to areas with unwanted hair, applying waxing strips, and ripping the hair out from the roots.

While waxing does have lower upfront costs than laser hair removal, you can expect to spend more on waxing over time. Hair grows back within a few short weeks after your last waxing session. Plus, you’ll have to live with some stubble before heading in for your next waxing session, as the waxing strips need something to hold onto.

Ready to Ditch the Razor? Opt for Laser Hair Removal

If you’re ready to ditch the razor, you’re not alone. Many women have decided that the several-times-a-week ritual of shaving in the shower or bathtub is overrated. That said, you may still want to get rid of unwanted hair, in which case laser hair removal is the way to go.

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