Approximately 30 million people suffer fatal injuries on the roads every year. In most cases, the victims aren’t at fault of the accidents. Dealing with insurance companies in such instances can be an uphill battle that needs a professional touch. That is why you should call a lawyer even if you are in a not at fault car accident.

If you were involved in an auto accident and are wondering if you should get a lawyer for a not at fault car accident, here are some things you should keep in mind.

Involve the Police

Consider calling the authorities using the usual emergency numbers. This scenario should apply whether the accident is minor or severe. An investigator’s account will be crucial in your bid to an insurance claim. Stay at the scene until the cops arrive.

In case an accident occurs in the middle of the highway, it would be human to move your vehicle by the roadside. Your movement will ease congestion along the road.

If you feel that the police need to see vehicles in the original state, don’t move. Instead, your hazards and other safety measures to alert motorist should be operational.

Be selective in instances when you feel like you need to call the police. Some accidents are too minor for police intervention. In such cases, involve the other driver and agree on a compensation package.

You should, however, understand individual state laws. Some states may charge you for failing to report these minor cases.

Have a Witness Account of the Accident

In most cases, people pass by when accidents occur. They witness all the occurrences but keep it to themselves. After all, they have no interest in the whole saga.

It’s upon you to approach the witnesses and interrogate them. This way, you’ll acquire vital information from them. Get their contacts just in case you may need them at some point.

Some accidents occur so fast that you may not have the fine details about it. At that point, the witness account will be your savior. It’s through the witness accounts that you’ll get to the root of the accident.

Capture the Scene in Photographs and Videos

Recent technological advancements have made it easy for you as a motorist to gather vital information. Images and videos offer the best evidence. In case the suspect disputes them, experts can analyze them to determine the source.

The technique is crucial in instances where authorities don’t show up. Make sure the photos and videos capture the essential aspects of the car accident such as injuries and vehicle damages.

You may also include the weather, skid marks, and license plates. These aspects will be useful when presenting a case in a court of law. They’ll also help you access insurance claims.

Obtain Relevant Information from the Other Driver

The second driver’s information is vital when dealing with accident scenarios. Failure to obtain the necessary details means you have to cater for the expenses, ex: car repair, and medical bills.

Most drivers are willing to share their information the moment they realize it’s their fault. It’s, however, upon you to approach them and get it.

The name and phone number among other details of the driver are critical. The information can be used to skip trace the individual if they fail to comply with the initial agreement. Note the license and number plate too.

Insurance policies are compulsory to all motorists. Consider noting down the provider company as well as the policy number.

All this information will be helpful in your insurance claims.

Contact Your Insurance

Analyze your existing policy to ensure that you understand what’s covered and what’s not. If you find the systems too complicated for you, consider visiting an expert.

Always be in touch with your insurance agent. These are people to guide you on the right moves. Involving them will help streamline the compensation process.

In as much as your insurance doesn’t cater for other drivers’ faults, some clauses require filing claims, collision insurance is one of them. With that, they’ll repair your car. Unfortunately, they’ll raise the premiums on your next renewal to cater for the expenses.

Beware of State Laws

States have unique requirements when it comes to prompt-payment. The law specifies the time that an insurer should take to pay you for the damages.

In some states, the payment is prompt as required. In others, it’ll take some time though they’ll eventually pay.

Write a letter to at-fault person’s insurance provider informing them of your rights. Capturing all crucial details in the message will coax them to pay your dues. Use polite and professional language in your letter.

Does This Question Bother You, ‘Should I get a Lawyer for a Car Accident That Wasn’t My Fault?

All the above parameters are put in place in preparation for a lawsuit. You’ll need to find a lawyer to help you navigate through the compensation process.

The images and witness accounts from the accident scene should be available for your lawyer. They’ll use that vital information in the process of seeking justice.

It’ also advisable to have a lawyer in your speed dial. This way, you’ll have professional guidance with you all the time.

Accident claim lawyers will advise you on the right moves. They’ll also be with you as you record statements with the police to avoid contradictions. Letters that you send to at-fault drivers insurance providers should’ve your lawyer’s assent.

Sometimes, insurance companies are reluctant to pay your dues. Such scenarios necessitate a legal suit, and it’s upon your lawyer to file one. Ensure that all the essential details are with your lawyer.

Consider hiring a permanent lawyer who fully commits to your affairs. A permanent employee will be there for you in times of need. Involve them while making your moves. Pay them well, and they’ll help you get the compensation.

Call a Lawyer, Even For A Not At Fault Car Accident

‘Should I get a lawyer for a car accident that wasn’t my fault?’ should be a question of the past. The lawyer will guide you in court and out of court. Contact us for more information on the need of a lawyer and their respective compensation packages.

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