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5 Surprising Benefits From Getting a Car Tint

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If you have a car, you should consider getting a tint for your car. Read to learn 5 surprising benefits from getting a car tint.

You might be considering these reasons why tinting your car’s windows is a good idea. Did you know there are more benefits to window tinting?
We might be a little biased, but we love talking about all of the reasons why window tinting is beneficial to you and your car or SUV. When applied professionally, you’ll wonder who you went so long without car tint on your vehicle!
Check out these five surprising benefits of tinting car windows.

1. Improve Accident Safety

We hope you’re never in a car accident, but having tinted windows can help protect you during a collision.


After tinting application, window glass is less likely to shatter upon impact. The tinted film provides a protective coat over the glass. While this can’t prevent an impact or protect you from all accident-related injuries, tinted windows can keep from adding glass cuts to your list of injuries.


When applying window tint, make sure it falls within the legal guidelines for tinting darkness and reflection. While film-covered glass can reduce the potential for cuts from small glass shards, the wrong kind of tinting can make it difficult to see while driving.


You don’t want to increase your potential for causing a car accident because of your windows. Let window tinting work in your favor by protecting you and your passengers from small pieces of shattered glass during a collision.

2. Make Your Car One-Of-A-Kind

Your window tinting makes your car unique! If you’re looking for another feature to improve the one-of-a-kind customization of your vehicle, you need tinted windows.


From custom paint jobs to wheels, rims, and upholstery, making your car unlike anything else on the road can be fun! When planning the upgrades and unique features of your vehicle’s customization, don’t forget the window tint!


The right shade of tint can highlight a paint job or complete the overall look of your car—and you don’t have to settle for a few varieties of darkness. Choosing a dyed tint gives you plenty of color options to integrate seamlessly into your car’s custom design!

3. Comfort Is King

You might choose to tint your windows to help keep the sunshine out of your car. While parked, your car’s interior can heat up in the summer sun. Depending on the tint you choose, the film reflects or absorbs UV rays to keep the interior of your car cooler.


It’s one of the best benefits of tinting car windows! Riding in a cooler car improves the comfort of your drive. When starting your car after it’s been in the sun, you’ll notice it’s colder than before you applied window tint.


Plus, your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to cool your car after it’s been in the sun. Keeping a cooler car makes your ride more comfortable from the moment you put it in “drive.” Start and finish a trip around town or take a long road trip in both style and comfort with window tint!

4. Peace of Mind

Parking your car away from home for the day—or when leaving town for an extended amount of time—can be a risk. Criminals look for vehicles that sit in the same spot for a while. When they can see inside your car, whatever they see on the floor or seats can tempt a criminal to break in and steal it.


Window tinting can help deter theft. When there’s nothing to see, there’s nothing to steal!


With the proper amount of window tinting, you’ll have better peace of mind that the interior of your car isn’t tempting to would-be thieves or vandals. Park your car overnight or while away on vacation without worrying that you’ll come back to broken windows and missing items.


While window tint can’t stop a criminal from breaking your window or stealing your car, it can help conceal items from view.

5. Improve Resale Value

When it’s time to sell your car or trade it in for a new model, you want to get the most money or trade-in value for it. Tinted windows can enhance the resale value of your car!


Make sure you choose a professional window tint installation. A poorly-executed DIY window tint job can decrease the value of your car. Bubbles or wrinkles in the tint film can make a vehicle less attractive to a buyer. Bubbles in the film can also make it difficult to see through the windows while driving.


Professional installation adds a sleek look and an in-demand feature to your car. There’s a reason dealerships offer window tinting as part of the sales offer! However, choosing an aftermarket window tint professional can save money and provide more options for your car’s tint.

Choose the Right Tint for Your Needs

Sometimes tinting a car window can accomplish several goals at once! However, make sure you know what you want when working with a professional car tinting service.


Specific films work best to protect against UV rays for reducing the heat in your car. These films can also keep your upholstery from fading from constant contact with the sun’s rays.


Other films can help fight harmful UV rays without the “darkness” of privacy tints. High visibility window film offers significant protection from harmful UV rays without affecting the appearance of your windows.


Consider your driving habits, budget, and how you want window tint to work into the overall look of your car. Professional window tint is a worthwhile investment if you take the time to choose the options you need most.

Car Tint Has Plenty of Perks

Riding in style, comfort, and with peace of mind are just a few of the benefits that make car tint worthwhile! When you’re ready to tint your car windows, choose the leaders in the window tinting business!


Applied Film Technology in Virginia Beach offers quality and precision service backed by excellent customer service. If you’re considering adding a tint to your car windows, contact us for a free estimate!

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