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5 Signs Of A Great Game

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No matter how much of a gamer you might be, you have to admit that there are better games and worse games out there. It is not often clear, however, exactly what it is that makes one game better than another, and in fact there are usually many factors which are likely to play their part in this. It can be a complex formula, and it’s something which is hard to get to the bottom of. There are, however, a number of definite perks that a game can have, and in particular there are a few major signs that a game is going to be a truly great one. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the things that indicate a truly great game. If you have found a game which has all of these, it’s likely one that you are going to want to play a lot.



Amazing Graphics


Graphics were not always quite the central thing that they are today – but today you would be unlikely to think that they are completely unimportant. They have always been something that people seek in their games, but these days it is so necessary that you won’t see many games that don’t focus on it to some extent. The games that do avoid good graphics will tend to be stylistic in some other way, and perhaps purposefully low-key, such as the cult classic Uplink. For all other games, amazing graphics are considered vital, and the better the graphics are the more likely it is that you are going to really enjoy the game. As long as you can find a game with great graphics, you know that it is likely to be entertaining, regardless of anything else.




Ultimately, a game needs to be something that you partake in – otherwise, you might as well just be watching a film or reading a book. But games do vary in how interactive they are, and generally those which are much more interactive are going to be considered considerably better than those with little to no interaction at all. This level of interactivity can be altered by many things, and one of the most interactive kinds of games you can possibly play is, of course, VR. What is VR? Quite simply, it is virtual reality, or games in which you are placed in a virtual world using a headset like Oculus Rift. It has gained much popularity in recent years as a way of playing games, and it looks set to become even more popular as time goes on. If you have not yet had the chance to play VR, chances are you will do soon – and you will probably find that the level of interactivity in those games makes them particularly enjoyable.





Not all games have to be strongly story-led, but all will have some degree of plot to them, and it needs to be good if the game is to be enjoyable. What’s more, if it is a strongly story-led game, then there will of course be even more pressure for the plot to be as good as possible. Good game plots are generally akin to movies or TV shows, with the added benefit that you get to be a character in that world. It needs to be believable at least to the fictional world that you are playing in, and the more you can get into it in that sense the more likely you are to really feel it is a game worth playing.




The way that you interface with the game is something people often overlook the importance of, but it is a necessary thing which you need to know is going to be as you want it. The interface often says a lot about the style of the game, and it is something which you can be sure you are going to have to focus on in order to make a game that people really remember. It’s often the difference between a good and a great game.







Finally, if we are being honest, one of the things that you need to know is reasonable is the price of the game. If you feel that you have paid too much for what you get, then it affects the enjoyment of the game itself, which is obviously going to be a problem. One of the main things here is that you should feel that you get plenty of hours of gameplay out of your game, otherwise it won’t feel like good value.

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