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5 Reasons Your Resume Needs AWS Certifications

For those who aren’t aware, AWS certifications are a level of knowledge IT professionals can gain regarding Amazon Web Services’ cloud. That cloud, Amazon’s cloud, is 14 times bigger than all of its competitors’ clouds combined.

Those certifications can be obtained by passing exams/IT training that the referenced provider offers.

Whether you’re interested in learning how to become a Cloud Practitioner, Architect, Developer, something in operations, it’s important to stay relevant in the dynamically changing IT industry. The six different certifications you can acquire are grouped into those four paths based on your career focus.

This type of specificity almost always draws the attention of employers (who are looking for cloud experts to help transform their business). While AWS certifications are not a substitute for experience, they do make candidates more marketable—they will help your resume open doors.

That said, should you pursue AWS certifications to boost your resume? If the previous introduction wasn’t enough, the following points will outline why this training is essential if you want to work with the cloud (and you will have to).

1. AWS is the Only Cloud That Matters

Like we said before, Amazon’s cloud is quickly becoming the be-all and end-all of clouds. It’s massive, including almost every facet of technology. On top of this, they are constantly offering and innovating more options in a way that is leaving every other type of cloud in their wake.

2. AWS Certifications Aren’t Hard to Obtain

No specialized training or prerequisites are required to start the certification process. This, of course, means that AWS isn’t all that time consuming or expensive.

Plus the IT training allows you to learn at your own pace, with an expert, as you pick your learning path. Courses are offered online or in-person to best cater to your lifestyle.

3. AWS-friendly Employees Are in High Demand

According to Forbes, two of the highest-paying AWS certifications of 2019 have an average salary of $131,605, which is a gigantic leap from 2018’s average of $125,591. This just reinforces our initial point: AWS is the most aggressive and innovative cloud around.

Regardless, cloud expertise, in general, is considered to be one of the biggest challenges faced by companies who have adopted the cloud in recent years—there’s an obvious shortage of certified AWS professionals. Certifications will, plain and simple, generate more revenue for yourself and create better opportunities.


4. Companies Don’t Have a Cheap or Effective Way to Test the Competency of Job Applicants/Employees

A lot of employers are going to go the route of filtering out candidates based upon their experience; they don’t have time to interview/speak to everyone. Unfortunately, this means you will most likely get lost in the shuffle. Pack on the certifications.

Much in the same way that they look at experience, recruiters and hiring managers can filter through a large number of applicants thanks to certifications.

5. Partnership Requirement of AWS Certification Vendors

A lot of  AWS partners require/want their employees to be cloud certified; from the receptionist to the accountants. Partnered companies often offer incentives such as pay increases (certified employees typically make more).

Having an employee came on-board who is already certified is advantageous to everyone; AWS partners will almost always hire a certified candidate over a non-certified candidate.

So, Yes, Your Resume Needs AWS Certifications

There’s no downside to getting AWS certifications. They make you will more professional, qualified, and desirable (financially). It’s a bigger risk going out into the world without them than with them. It’s better to have too much than not enough.

If you’re ready to open things up for yourself and take your IT career to the next level, check out the rest of Snelling to get started!

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