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Best Suboxone Clinics in Phoenix, AZ

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The Best Phoenix Suboxone Doctors and Clinics

Suboxone treatment in Phoenix has been on the rise over the years due to the success rate of medication when used alongside addiction counseling. Phoenix opioid overdose rates have more than doubled between 2014 and 2018 according to

More and more are finding success with the first FDA approved drug to aid patients with opioid withdrawls and the ability to stay away from opioids. This drug is Suboxone and avaialble at most Phoenix area pharmacies. So, how do you get Suboxone in Phoenix? As a Schedule 3 prescription drug, a suboxone clinic or doctor who carries a DEA Data Waiver is able to prescribe this medication. We have outlined the best in-person Suboxone Clinics and Doctors in Phoenix below. If you would however like to getting suboxone online, offers this service in Phoenix and all of Arizona. We also accepts AHCCCS insurance to help as many people as possible.

Corebella Health & Wellness

According to their website, Corebella Health & Wellness offers addiction services, which includes Suboxone care, as well as group therapy classes for addiction treatment. In addition they also offer a multitude of services in Phoenix includes, weigh loss, pain management, medical marijuana, and testosterone therapy.

They also accept AHCCCS and other major insurances according to their website and offer a verification of benefit to ensure patients understand their financial responsibility.

Corebella has a 4.3 star rating in Google with 17 reviews. We read few the reviews, and the resounding reasoning for such good reviews is that they care about their patients. Many reviewers mentioned leaving doctors who simply wanted to write a script and move on to the next patient.

Community Medical Services in Arizona

Community Medical Services has been in business for many years, and their program offering servers 9 states. This includes a multitude of locations in Arizona, especially in Phoenix. Their reach in the Phoenix area goes from west valley to east, from Chandler to Scottsdale. You would be hard pressed not to find a convenient location near you in the Phoenix area. This is a major reason they made our list.

Beyond just Suboxone treatment they also offer Methadone as well as Vivitrol (shot). As with most our top 5 list, they offer one-on-one counseling as well as group therapy sessions to aid in their patient’s long term recovery. They also take all state medicaid plans (AHCCCS) to cover the cost of care.

2nd Chance Treatment Center

2nd Chance Treatment Center has 3 valley locations including Gilbert, Phoenix, and Glendale so they service the valley from west to east.

In addition to this, this facility offers much more than just opioid addiction treatment. They also offer alcohol treatment and mental health services for a variety of services. They certainly offer everything someone going through recovery needs to get and maintain their recovery.

2nd Chance also takes state medicaid, according to their website. This makes the process for many people a simple, no cost option as insurance covers their costs, rather than having to come out of pocket.

As with any list, this is simply our opinion based on what we have seen online and we hope it providers our readers with resources they need to find the right suboxone doctor in Phoenix.

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