The biggest myth about Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is that it is a normal part of aging. It is not, and with the many treatment options out there, it doesn’t have to be a problem for men of any age.

ED is typically classified as the difficulty getting or maintaining an erection and there are many causes.

If you suffer from ED, read on, to learn more about the causes and what you can do to improve your sex life.

5 Common Causes of Difficulty Maintaining an Erection

If you suffer from ED you know that it affects more than just your sex life. For many men, it causes significant stress and anxiety.

ED can affect relationships and even hamper a couple’s ability to get pregnant.

Unfortunately, ED can also cause embarrassment or low-self esteem, which it should not. ED is a common and treatable medical condition. There are products, like Viril-X, changes in behaviors, even medical interventions that can all treat ED.

1.  An Unhealthy Lifestyle

In our modern world, a significant amount of our health issues are the result of modifiable behaviors.

These include things like not getting enough physical activity, eating a diet high in fat, or not getting enough nutrient-dense foods. Smoking also contributes to ED.

2. UnTreated Health Issues (Physical)

If you experience ED one of the first courses of action should be improving your overall health. Make an appointment with your doctor to discuss your health, honestly.

Then you can work with your doctor to manage diabetes, heart disease or other chronic health conditions and often your ED will resolve itself.

3. Mental Health Issues (Depression, Anxiety, & Substance Abuse)

Depression and anxiety are chemical imbalances that affect our ability to relate to the outside world. Untreated, both can cause ED.

Abuse of alcohol and drugs can also lead to ED. Addressing substance abuse often resolves the issue.

4. Everyday Stress

The brain impacts your golf game as well as your bedroom game. The stress of everyday life can have an effect on your sexual desire and performance.

If the stress is acute, like a big presentation, the result is a temporary loss of sexual performance. When the stress becomes chronic, so does your battle with ED.

5. Relationship Issues

This can be everything from poor communication, to larger issues about parents, children, or finances. If you and your spouse are at odds, then not only will your relationship suffer but so will your sex life.

The first step to treat ED is to talk about it. Remember ED is treatable and once you identify the cause you can take steps to improve your sex life.

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