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Do Downsizing Right! the Ultimate Guide to Moving From a House to an Apartment

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The housing market has seen a major increase in smaller living spaces being built. So many Americans are ready to downsize to a smaller place.

The ease of maintenance and less responsibility is attractive and very tempting. Not to mention the opportunity for a fresh start. Many of these smaller places to live are in more central, downtown locations lending themselves to more entertainment options.

But this transition can feel overwhelming and you may be wondering how to move from a house to an apartment without a lot of stress. Stick with us and we’ll show you the ultimate guide to moving from a house to an apartment.

Make a Solid Plan Before Looking

Downsizing isn’t like a regular move. There is often a really major lifestyle change that goes along with it. One of the best ways to make that transition smooth is to be very prepared beforehand.

Before you even start looking at listings you need to have a clear understanding of what you’re looking for. This would include how much smaller you’re looking for, how many bedrooms, what kind of area do you want to live in, and all of those details.

Then when you look at listings like this one,, you’ll be able to match it to your wishlist.

It’s important when making your list to take a realistic look at what you need so that you’re not surprised when you move. Nothing would be worse than getting into a new place only to realize it’s not going to work for you.

On the same thread, once you’ve found your new place take very careful measurements and pay close attention to the layout. The more you know about the space, the better prepared you can be before moving day.

Start to Declutter Early 

It’s just a simple fact that what can fit in a traditional size home just won’t fit in an apartment. So decluttering is at the top of a downsizing home checklist.

Chances are pretty high that you have things in your home that you don’t use, don’t love, or don’t need. Downsizing is the perfect opportunity to get rid of those things for good. But starting early on in the process can save you from not having enough time to really sort through everything.

The best way to declutter is to take a systematic approach and move area by area through the home. In each area touch and look at everything to make the decision of keeping or not.

When you physically put your hands on everything it helps you make sure you don’t miss anything.

As you decide what to keep you can even make a few extra dollars by selling those items!

Think Smarter Storage Systems 

There are just some things that you do have to keep in order to complete the necessary daily tasks. And, of course, there are just some things that you want to keep just because you do.

With much less space available to you to store these things, a key to successful downsizing is getting creative with storage.

This is where understanding the exact size and layout of the new place comes in handy. You can decide on storage solutions before moving in to guarantee that everything in your home has a place to live.

Many people avoid living in an apartment because they don’t think there will be enough room. But a little bit of outside the box thinking can go a long way to making any space comfortable.

Check Out the New Area

An aspect of downsizing from house to apartment that can be overlooked is the outdoor space available to you.

This can be a big bonus to not have to be in charge of the landscaping and yard maintenance responsibilities. Even if that’s a relief for you, it’s helpful to have a good understanding of what your outdoor options will be.

Some apartment buildings have a lawn for the whole complex, individual balconies, or a smaller courtyard. Knowing what to expect can help you really picture your new life.

Another advantage to living in an apartment complex is their locations are usually closer to more entertainment, shopping, and downtown options. This can be a fun change from a suburban neighborhood.

The outdoor areas are especially important in a smaller living area, so getting a clear picture helps you plan your next steps moving forward.

Thoroughly Read Rental Agreements

One of the biggest changes when downsizing is going from owning your space to renting your space. This can be an especially difficult transition if you’ve owned it for a long time.

It’s important to remember that you can’t just do whatever you want any more when you start renting. There are rules and regulations to living in that space from where visitors can park to what kind of changes you can make.

All of these things should be fully laid out to you in a rental agreement that you have to sign before moving in.

Make sure to do a thorough read-through of this document before signing. Most things will be standard and make sense in general. But there may be some hidden rules that you don’t want to agree to and follow.

As with any contract, it’s important to understand the full document before signing and agreeing. But it’s especially important when that agreement could potentially change some aspects of your lifestyle.

Effective Moving From House to an Apartment 

There are a lot of reasons that one might be moving from a house to an apartment.

Smaller spaces have less maintenance and upkeep, it’s often a financially sound decision, and apartments are generally in better locations. But whatever the reason, downsizing is a major transition in a lot of ways.

Taking the time to plan out the transition in all the different areas will make it a smooth, easy, and even enjoyable one.

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