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5 Effective Tips to Help You Overcome Fear on a Motorcycle

Fear seems like a useless emotion that keeps us from achieving our dreams. In reality, fear is critical to survival.

Without fear, we would be walking into a serial killers house unarmed. We would be playing with bear cubs out in the woods.

Both activities should elicit some fear.

When it comes to riding a motorcycle, dealing with fear is essential. Too much or too little could be fatal.

Were you recently in an accident or just getting started?

For whatever reason, you have a fear of getting back on your bike. Check out these tips for overcoming fear when driving a motorcycle.

1. Proper Riding Technique

If you have proper training and practice, you will be able to fall back on your muscle memory when fear kicks in.

If you find yourself in a stressful situation, your body will quickly act to protect itself.

Take the time to take a class. Identify any areas you could use improvement, and work on them.

You will be a better rider if you practice, and you will stay safer.

Start out small. Practice several times a week for 5-10 minutes at a time. Don’t push yourself because you feel like you need to.

2. Identify the Source of the Fear

All fears stem from somewhere. They can be either rational or irrational.

Riding a motorcycle will come with its share of risks. It is normal to have some fear when you ride a motorcycle. If you didn’t you might act too confidently and ride recklessly.

Rational fears will lead you to take necessary precautions, such as wearing a helmet.

You may need to see a licensed professional to help identify an irrational fear. It could be as simple as a distant memory in which you couldn’t start a motorcycle as a kid. Maybe you saw a motorcycle accident on the news.

Some fears may require professional attention. This could be if you have PTSD from a past accident.

3. Balance Fear and Confidence

Fear is essential. Without it, you would quickly walk into the grave.

However, you cannot let fear rule your life. You would never be able to get anything done.

It is important to be able to strike a balance between fear and confidence. Remember that you will always have room to learn more.

Be suspicious when things start to go too perfectly. Everybody is prone to mistakes every once in a while.

Driving a Motorcycle: Get Back in the Saddle

Driving a motorcycle can be a freeing and exciting experience. If you find yourself fearing the ride, you may need to overcome some fears.

These fears can be either rational or irrational. In either case, you will have to put in some work to get over those fears.

With time, you will figure out how to overcome your fears. Start slow and work your way back up to those long and exciting rides.

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