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5 Crucial Tips for Small Business Marketing That Makes an Impact

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The past two years have proven exceptionally difficult for small businesses. Between February and April of 2020, at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, over 3.3 million businesses became inactive. Whether a small business managed to survive or crumbled during the pandemic depended on many factors, including how many customers they managed to bring in despite pandemic restrictions.

One crucial part of bringing in those customers? Quality marketing. If you want to learn how to make a splash with small business marketing, you can’t afford to miss our top 5 marketing tips.

1. Focus on Social Media Engagement

One piece of small business marketing that you can’t afford to ignore anymore is your business’s social media presence. If you don’t have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube page, it tends to make your business look out of touch and sketchy. Plus, social media interaction can give you a finger to the pulse of your customers.

2. WordPress Blog SEO Helps Boost Traffic

If you find cheap web hosting through WordPress or another similar platform, you need to know how to use SEO to boost your business’s website rankings. If you know how to manipulate SEO to work in your favor, your business’s WordPress blog or other website will help you bring in more clients.

3. Clean Out Your Databases

Another key part of small business marketing is ensuring that your customer data is up to date. People change phone numbers and emails all the time and opt-in or opt-out of marketing campaigns. This will let you make sure you can reach those loyal clients at all times.

Another thing that you should make sure you track and purge at regular intervals? Your traffic and click-through metrics. When marketing with a blog, you should know what content has performed the best with your customer base.

4. Plan for the Long-Term, Act in the Short-Term

Five-year plans are all well and good when your business is getting started or you need to convince investors. However, when you are just getting started, paid ads through Google or other short-term measures can give you a boost to your income. This will buy you time to adjust your small business marketing plan for long-term success.

5. Use What Works

If your small business has seen a decent amount of success in the past but has started to flag, don’t turn to quick-fix marketing tips to make up the difference. Instead, you should look to your past data and see what initiatives, advertisements, and other marketing drives you had at a time when you were successful. Take that data and see what you can do to apply it to the future.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when can use what’s already worked.

Looking for More Small Business Marketing Tips?

Small business marketing, both offline and on, is crucial to keeping your head above water during these tumultuous times. Thankfully, you don’t have to navigate the sea of marketing tips and trends alone. For more helpful and informative articles like this one, check out the Business section of our blog.

A fractional CMO can work under your direction and with your staff to overhaul your promotional strategy and develop a strategic marketing plan that will help your small business increase its growth and market share. There are a lot of resources multinational corporations have available internally that small businesses simply can’t afford; that’s why looking for creative solutions like a part-time CMO is essential.

Small businesses have the ability to make many of the same investments as individuals, but the strategies that work for individuals are often not well suited for business investing. You can and should keep a diverse personal portfolio, but keep your business invested in more conservative assets. Small businesses can also minimize expenses through the use of a fractional CMO or by outsourcing some accounting and financial tasks. Having the liquidity and cash flow to support your business’s growth and development is essential, but so is putting those resources to effective use to improve your profitability. Marketing is often a good area for small businesses to dedicate resources. Smaller businesses are unlikely to have their own marketing team, which is why owners should consider investing in a fractional CMO. A fractional CMO provides you with access to a high-level marketing professional to help guide your overall strategy, without the expense of hiring a full-time CMO or building an internal marketing department.

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