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5 Big Advantages of Buying From Local Artisans

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It’s no secret that some of the world’s biggest companies have made a huge profit off of the recent pandemic. The world’s top fifty corporations—including Amazon—have added $4.5 trillion of stock market capitalization in 2020 alone.

On the other hand, many local artisans and businesses have had to shut their doors in the past year. Without their usual support from local buyers, it’s been hard to stay afloat.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to choose local shops over big-box retailers—but it’s good to know that the advantages of doing this go far beyond keeping businesses’ doors open. Here’s what to consider before your next purchase.

1. Shopping Local Supports Your Local Community

There’s a reason why 70 percent of Americans prefer to shop small. When you shop local, you’re supporting your local community by putting money right back into the economy in your area. In the wake of the recent pandemic, spending within your community to support local jobs and businesses is more important than ever!

2. Local Artisans Create More Sustainable, Greener Products

When you buy a commercial product, you’re often supporting a company that uses large amounts of energy to power a mass production assembly line. That’s without mentioning the need to ship products across long distances!

On-site artisan products, on the other hand, tend to be made by hand or by small local companies. This means that the products will be made using less energy and a smaller carbon footprint.

3. Handcrafted Products Tend to Be High-Quality

Products made by hand tend to be high-quality, as artisans who focus on their craft will spend more time obsessing over details than a worker in a mass-production factory. In addition, the quality control for handcrafted goods tends to be stellar, especially because local artisans will work harder and longer than competitors to create the perfect products.

4. Local Artisans Provide Great Customer Service

Because they’re trying to survive in a world filled with big-box online retailers, local artisans tend to focus on what sets them apart from industry giants—like their ability to provide outstanding customer service.

By connecting with local artisans, you’ll find them willing to teach you about their products, craftsmanship, and story. You might even walk away from the purchase with a new friend! Some local artisans, such as the ones at The Barlow Market, will even host community events and showcases for customers.

5. Buying Handcrafted Makes You Feel Good

Because you’re reaping all of the benefits above, buying local work can make you feel great about your purchase and proud to display your unique. With handcrafted items that meet your needs better while supporting your community, what’s not to love?

Start Supporting Local Artisans Today

Handcrafted products from local artisans are a win across the board. From helping you get your hands on unique products to supporting skilled workers to helping the environment, there are plenty of reasons to shop local. Consider finding an outdoor shopping area with handcrafted goods near you!

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