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The Importance of Detox Therapy

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As you contemplate getting help for your addiction, you’ll soon realize just how much the process involves. There’s a lot more going on than you talking with counselors and eventually walking out of rehab with sobriety. In fact, there are three equally important stages of treatment: detox, therapy, and aftercare.

What Takes Place in Detox Therapy

After carrying around addiction to drugs like heroin or cocaine for months or even years, stopping the abuse will take great courage. When that time does come, you have a major obstacle to overcome before you can submit to therapy. That major obstacle is what the addiction treatment community refers to as withdrawal.

If we were to give you a peek at the typical heroin withdrawal symptoms a user would likely face, you might find the list startling. We are talking about symptoms like breathing and heart rate issues, tremors, convulsions, severe stomach cramping, depression, and hallucinations.

Clinicians design medically monitored detox programs to keep you safe and comfortable as you pass through your withdrawal symptoms. While taking part in the 5- 10-day process, you will also learn a bit about good nutrition and staying physically fit.

When pain or suffering becomes apparent, a physician is standing by to prescribe any relief medications you might need. As the detox process progresses, you should begin to feel physically better and have more clarity in your thought processes. As the detox process concludes, you should be ready to tackle the counseling portion of treatment.

On to Addiction Therapy

Before discussing what takes place during an individual therapy program in Oregon, it’s worth noting that some counseling does take place while detoxing. The essence of detox therapy is to get you comfortable about talking openly about your addiction. The openness and honesty we can derive will be of great help when counseling starts in earnest.

During group, family and individual therapy sessions, you and your counselor go digging. What are they looking to find? They are looking for answers about the root causes of your addiction. In almost every case, there’s an underlying mental or emotional issue that created your need to self-medicate. If you and your counselor can identify the specific issues, finding solutions shouldn’t be that far behind.

The most prominent solutions are coping skills. With a better set of coping skills, you will have a line of defense against temptation and its triggers. With new coping skills, you have a fighting chance to stay sober for months, years, or forever. Without them, chronic relapses are inevitable.

About Treatment at Sunstone Recovery

When you enter rehab, you do so with great hopes to be released from your addiction illness. As a reputable addiction treatment organization, it’s our job to deliver on your hopes. While experience has taught us it’s never easy, we are always ready to help you find solutions. That’s exactly why we focus on providing the following services: outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment options, dual diagnosis treatment for coexisting conditions, family therapy, group therapy, and neurofeedback therapy.

The battle you are having with your addiction doesn’t have to continue. If you can find the strength and courage to admit you have an illness and need help, our staff at Sunstone Recovery has solutions. If you would like more information about our facility or services, you can call us at 855.833.9199. If one phone call is going to save your life, this may well be the one phone call you’ll want to make.

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