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Smart Graft: Why Working Hard Isn’t Enough In The Modern World

People have long held the belief that working hard is the key to success in life. When you work hard at school, you will get good grades. When you work hard at your job, you will find it easy to get promoted, and your career will only grow. When you reach retirement, though, things might not have panned out quite as you expected. Unfortunately, hard work isn’t the only key to success in the modern world, and you have to live your life smartly to ensure that you have the best chances in the future. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring this area, giving you the chance to start working smart, not just hard.

Why Is Working Hard Not Enough?

You’d think that working hard throughout life should be plenty to ensure that you are able to enjoy a pleasant retirement, though a lot of people never manage to achieve this goal. Times are always getting tougher, and people across the world are struggling for money, with the older generations often suffering the most.

To start, a lot of pension pots have shrunk or changed over the last few decades. The amount of money you expected to get at the start of your career may have gone down, the conditions could have changed, or you may have lost it all together, and few governments are taking steps to make this right.

Alongside this, it’s also worth thinking about the help you need as you get older. You will be visiting doctors more often than you used to, and this can cost a small fortune if you don’t have the right insurance. Most providers won’t want to give health insurance to someone over 60. Options like ERL retirement villages make it easier to live a comfortable and independent life, though a lot of people struggle to make sure that they have the money for something like this, and will have to rely on their family to help them.

As time goes on, these issues are only getting worse, and the population is aging at a rapid rate. This means that serious work has to be done to solve these problems, or a lot of people are going to be left with very little for their retirement, and this isn’t fair when people have worked so hard for it. Thankfully, you can take action for yourself.

Saving & Investment

With governments finding it hard to honor their pension commitments, it makes sense to look at private options for this sort of product. There are loads of pension providers out there, and many of them offer far more security than what the state is able to bring to the table. You will have to invest a lot of money into something like this to make it worthwhile, but will benefit from this hugely once you reach old age. Of course, you could consider making your own savings and investments to achieve a similar goal, though this will usually be a harder way to manage this side of your life.


Independent living is hard when your body is getting old. You won’t be able to move like you used to, and it will hurt to do certain things, making a lot of people’s lives into a living hell when they are completely alone for it. It’s worth working hard to maintain relationships with your family and friends as you get to this stage in your life, as they can provide a huge amount of help and support during these times. You don’t have to rely on them to look after your personal needs, but having them there to talk to and share your burdens will be extremely helpful.


There will always be times in life where finances are tough, and many people live life on the edge of their bank account. The banks, government, and other financial service providers won’t care about this, though. If you miss payments on things like tax, your pension, or your insurance, you could find yourself without support when you need it the most. This makes it worth working hard to keep up with payments, along with using your smarts to make sure that you’re not putting money into things which won’t improve your future.

The Right Employers

Jobs have always come with their own benefits, and many employers work hard to make themselves stand out from the crowd. In a lot of cases, these benefits will directly relate to the future, making it well worth choosing an employer which offers the best chances at a good retirement. Some will offer private pensions, while others may give out equity in the company to their employees, and there are those out there which offer professional financial advice for free. All of this is well worth your time, and you should be working hard to find companies which are offering these features.

Don’t Miss A Trick

The internet has changed the way that the world works over the last couple of decades, and a lot of older people have struggled to keep up with this. The internet will be crucial when it comes to researching the support you can get during retirement, though, and a lot of people miss out on the help they can get because they don’t know how to look for it. There are charities which can help with this, and you may have family members who are willing to support you, but it will still be worth learning to use the web better on your own. The perfect options could be a simple search away, but you have to make the search before you can find them.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of living a smart life to prepare yourself for the future. A lot of people struggle with this sort of work, and it’s becoming harder to make sure that you have a good retirement, but you shouldn’t let this hold you back. You can be the master of your own destiny.

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