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5 Best elearning video ideas and examples

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If you’re looking for the best elearning video ideas and examples for inspiration to support and enhance your learning campaigns, we’ve rounded up our top 5.

Use them for fresh ideas to meet your learning goals, explore ways to engage different audiences or for quick, cost-effective learning approaches that have real impact. With Forrester Research highlighting employees are 75% more likely to watch video based content than read an article, video is an obvious choice with lots of benefits. Whilst choosing the right learning approach isn’t always straightforward, these examples focus on different goals and types of audience to give you a range of topics you can cover with video.

Best examples of video elearning: our top 5

Covering everything from onboarding to advocacy, our five best elearning video examples and ideas are as diverse as they are inspiring. Each video has been captured by employees themselves and at the centre of them all is some great storytelling, helping to reshape work culture, win hearts and minds and share valuable workplace knowledge. Read on and get inspired!

1. Onboarding volunteers at pace with Together Co

Together Co is a Brighton based loneliness charity that creates connections and changes lives through befriending, social prescribing and volunteering services. After a huge surge in demand caused by the pandemic, the charity was struggling to onboard large numbers of volunteers quickly. They approached Kineo and StoryTagger to help with their virtual induction programme, with the aim to:

    • Share must have knowledge, including essential compliance information
    • Make distributed new starters feel part of the team
    • Get volunteers up and running as quickly as possible

The solution

The befriending team created 12 short and personal videos using StoryTagger. These bite-sized videos conveyed all the crucial information people needed to learn and process before becoming a Together Co friend. From what it means to be a volunteer and the impact they have, to critical safeguarding, data protection and COVID compliance requirements, the videos got people engaged, up to speed and ready to combat loneliness within record time.

Why we love it

Shared as a YouTube playlist, these employee-generated videos enabled new volunteers to meet their colleagues, feel connected and complete the online training at their convenience. This allowed them to get up and running quickly, add value to the organisation from the start and make a huge difference to people experiencing overwhelming loneliness in isolation.

Want to find out more? Hear first-hand about Together Co’s elearning onboarding initiative.



2. Raising awareness for International Women’s Day at City & Guilds

The City & Guilds Group is a global leader in skills development and apprenticeship schemes. A large and diverse organisation, the group wanted to explore ways to support positive change around Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I). With International Women’s Day approaching fast, they decided to create a campaign aiming to:

    • Raise awareness and educate people around DE&I
    • Give employees a platform to share their views
    • Shine a light on the company culture

The solution

The City & Guilds team reached out to colleagues from around the world to find out what International Women’s Day meant to them and why it was important to celebrate. They then share the high quality edited video across their social media channels to raise awareness and showcase their inclusive employer brand.

Why we love it

Reflecting the diverse communities from across City & Guilds Group, this campaign raised awareness by sharing authentic insights and different perspectives. By letting every employee tell their story, their decentralised approach showed that diversity and inclusion is part of the City & Guilds Group culture.

Looking for ideas to raise awareness through employee-generated video? Check out the City & Guilds Group IWD2021 video they promoted on their social channels.


3. Creating L&D event promotion and takeaways with Learning Sharks

Consultancy Learning Sharks run weekly Tech Talks on a variety of subjects featuring guest experts. To increase viewers and get more people joining the conversation, they decided they needed a tool that could help them quickly and succinctly promote the sessions on social channels. The aim was to:

    • Quickly engage viewers so they want to find out more
    • Get them to join the live session or sign up to get the recording
    • Provide bite-sized summaries of the key takeaways post event

The solution

Learning Sharks use StoryTagger as a quick and simple way to structure super-sharp videos. These not only promote their learning Tech Talks, but also offer a focused summary of the key points for everyone to take away.

Why we love it

At just over one minute, when we say super-sharp, we mean it. Learning Sharks videos are a great example of how using frameworks and structure to keep your video succinct makes it much easier for your people to walk away with your key points and feel compelled to take action.

Want to create quick, effective promo videos? Check out Learning Sharks videos to see how they use employee-generated video.

4. Telling union members’ stories at TUC

The #HeartUnions week initiative was created by TUC as a chance to show why unions are vital for everyone at work. The Trades Union Congress (TUC) wanted to use this week to shine a light on the positive impact they’ve had on their members, as well as the outstanding work their reps undertake. The aim was to:

    • Share experiences through authentic, powerful advocacy stories
    • Seek to educate non-members on what a union membership could do for them

The solution

TUC used StoryTagger to invite workplace representatives and members to share their stories in short videos. Simple instructions on how to record a video meant anyone with access to a phone could download the StoryTagger app to join in and share their story. The in-app question prompts then helped everyone structure their stories in a way that would provide value to the viewer by highlighting the benefits of joining a union.

Why we love it

Video storytelling is a great way to help your people share their stories and successes. These TUC videos really showed the passion their members had for the organisation. Hearing the authentic experiences of people whose lives had been impacted by the work provides a powerful emotional hook.

Exploring advocacy and impact stories? Check out The TUC’s Tell Us Your Union Member Story page, and some of the other best employee advocacy examples we love.



Free guide: Reshape work culture by making employee stories central to learning and communications

5. Sharing first-hand expertise for LPiLEARN

The Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) is a global body aiming to enhance workplace learning through tools, certification and other services. Their online elearning course, part of LPiLEARN academy, helps L&D professionals build knowledge and skills. The team wanted to take it to the next level by introducing the expertise of learning leaders. The aim was to:

    • Share exclusive insider knowledge, tips and strategies
    • Bring this learning to life with real examples

The solution

With StoryTagger, the LPI brought the expertise of Heads of Learning directly to LPiLEARN in their talking heads online training series. Featuring videos from learning leaders themselves, this series included first hand knowledge of tried and tested ways to improve learning and performance in organisations. These videos were then amplified via the digital platform to the international community.

Why we love it

Through the power of storytelling, L&D leaders added their voices to LPiLEARN for other leaders to learn from. Their authentic, practical video content provided L&D teams with the invaluable strategies they need to tackle key challenges, such as hybrid workplace learning, as well as an outstanding learning experience.

Want to get employees sharing their knowledge on video? Find out more about the LPi and StoryTagger partnership.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re repurposing content or rethinking your Learning and Development programmes, employee-generated video offers a versatile and effective way to boost your elearning programmes. Our five best elearning video ideas and examples cover onboarding, DE&I, event promotion, employee advocacy and sharing expert knowledge but it doesn’t stop there – there are plenty of applications of user generated video that you can explore.

In StoryTagger, these organisations found the ideal tool to support effective video elearning on a whole range of workplace topics. The simple to use app allowed employees everywhere to contribute whilst in-built question frameworks guided video creators to help them feel like they could contribute something of value in a succinct way. And because these videos were ready-to-share straight away, they could be distributed quickly and easily.

Any new learning strategy customised for the hybrid workforce can be effectively supported by video storytelling. The value of employee-generated video lies in reinforcing learning and communication in the hybrid workplace. By allowing employees to reflect on their experiences and share stories in a format others can learn from, employees feel connected, they develop vital interpersonal and cognitive skills and their focus and performance are improved.

Ready to try out some of your elearning video program ideas for yourself? See what StoryTagger can do for you with a free trial.

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