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5 Benefits of a Self-Study Program and How it can Improve your Relationship

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More than 50% of marriages fail, but that doesn’t mean you have to be one of them. Research shows that couples that invest time in counseling reduce their risk of divorce by 70%.

Counseling is beneficial but can be expensive and time consuming. So, how can you get the benefits of counseling without blowing your budget and ticking away precious hours of your time?

An easy solution and effective way to divorce-proof your marriage is to invest in a research-based self -study program.

You probably wouldn’t get in the car and drive to an unknown destination without your trusty navigation system. The same goes for marriage. A roadmap helps you navigate through the rough areas that inevitably come with marriage such as issues of communication, money, anger and intimacy.

You aren’t interested in investing in weeks of intense therapy but deep down you know you have to do something. A self-study relationship program has benefits that could help couples strengthen relationships and prevent common issues from escalating.

Here are 5 ways a self-study program can benefit you and improve your relationship:

1. Prevention: Self-study relationship programs help you improve your relationship even if your relationship is doing well. They serve to protect the relationship from the inevitable problems that arise in relationships. Self-study relationship programs teach you to recognize warning signs and learn ways to problem solve with your partner. 

2. A fraction of the cost: Self-study programs are much less expensive than private premarital/marital counseling. You receive the tools to use, and powerful strategies to sustain your relationship. You can have the benefits of counseling without the financial burden of working with a counselor in couple’s therapy.

3. Saves Time: Self-study relationship programs can be used from the comfort of your home, car, at the gym, or wherever your day takes you. You can do the program whenever convenient for you or together with your partner.

4. Listen to the program over and over again: When you are feeling stuck in your relationship and issues are escalating, you can listen to the parts of the program that can help you over and over again. This will help you stay focused and apply strategies and problem-solving skills to work through your issues.

5. You can do it alone or with your partner: It is not uncommon for one partner to be uninterested in participating in a self-study program. But it can be effective even if both partners don’t attend and participate. Often, when one person in a relationship starts shifting the tone of their interactions, the overall tone of the relationship shifts as well.

We know that every relationship is unique, has ups and downs and self-study programs cannot solve all of your relationship problems. But effective self -study relationship programs that are evidence based with scientific results proves that you can increase your odds of achieving a successful relationship.

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