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$5.00 Shipping to NYC for a Case of Wine? Yes Please!

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Question; when are award-winning dry Riesling and Cabernet Franc wines even sweeter? When the delivery charge to have them shipped to New York City is a measly five dollars! Throw in a magnificent Merlot, classic Cabernet Sauvignon, or a smashing Chardonnay, all grown with grape varieties that originated in Europe, and you have the recipe for some amazing, wine-filled nights at bargain-basement delivery prices.


Prejean Winery is Offering Wine Delivery in NYC for Only $5.00 a Case

Whether you’re a certified oenophile, or you simply love the taste of a very good glass of wine, there’s a lot to love about the wines being lovingly crafted at Prejean Winery. Located in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, Prejean Winery has been following a winemaking tradition that dates back over 1000 years. It was way back in 1979 and they planted their first Gewurtrztraminer, a staple of France’s Alsace region that, in Prejean Winery’s capable hands, is absolutely delightful. Their wine delivery in NYC is only $5.00 per case, which is an insanely low price to have wine delivered right to your door in the Big Apple.


Award-Winning Wines Delivery in NYC for Only $5.00 a Case? Yes, It’s True!

Just last year, in 2019, Prejean Winery was the Double Gold Winner in the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. The wine that won? Their Dry Riesling, boasting a colorful German heritage that starts with intense aromas of apricot, honey-crisp apple and pear. Known for its high acidity, Prejean Winery’s dry Riesling also offers a hint of lime peel and jasmine, for a taste that isn’t as sweet as many other Rieslings and pairs beautifully with duck and crab. By the way, wine delivery as a gift to friends and family in New York City is a wonderful way to make that happen, and Prejean Winery is making wine delivery in NYC very affordable right now indeed.

From the Finger Lakes to Your New York City Door for only $5.00 a Case

You might think that having cases of fabulous New York State wine delivered to your door in NYC would be more than a bit expensive and, usually, you’d be correct. The typical price to ship an entire case of wine to New York City would easily be between $10.00 and $20.00 depending on the shipping company that was used. When you consider that the Rieslings of the Finger Lakes region of New York are particularly esteemed by oenophiles, and a case of wine is quite heavy, $5.00 for shipping is a bargain. The fact is, Prejean Winery is looking to expand its customer base and is willing to take a bath, so to speak, on the shipping charges if it means that more people will come to know and love their meticulously and lovingly crafted wines.

New York Has Become one of America’s Leading States for Wine

Named after the 11 glacial lakes that sit between the cities of Syracuse and Rochester, the Finger Lakes region of New York state is known for its phenomenal hiking trails, magnificent apple orchards and a wide variety of small but thriving towns that dot the landscape and give this region of New York it’s unique character and charm.

Unbeknownst to those who visit, however, some of the lakes here are incredibly deep, up to 600 feet in some areas. Because of that, the water warms and cools more slowly than the air outside. This has the tendency to moderate the temperatures in the area and, because of that, Pinot Noir, Riesling and other wine varieties can flourish even though the winters in upstate New York can be bitterly cold.

Another reason why this area is excellent for growing grapes is that the glacially lakes and hills, formed by glaciers centuries ago, are practically perfect for soil drainage. When you throw the area’s rocky soil into the mix, and a young-ish, enthusiastic group of winemakers with a flair for mixing traditional with technology, what you get is a recipe for wine-growing that is unsurpassed in the Northeast. In fact, the Finger Lakes region was named the top area in the United States for wine in 2018 by USA Today’s “10 Best” Readers Choice poll, beating out the winemaking areas of many other states.

Some Of Prejean Winery’s Best Offerings

The foundation of the modern wine industry was based on the French model, as well as the grape varieties that originated there and in several other parts of Europe. In France, the wines that they create are named after the region where their grapes are grown including Champagne, Bordeaux and Burgundy. Many of these regions have a variety of indigenous grapes that they sometimes blend but, in New York state, there was no such history until about 1976.

Today there are varieties of wines that are based on their original French counterparts, including Bordeaux varieties, Burgundy varieties and also German varieties. Indeed, the varietal has become the focal point here in the Finger Lakes instead of the region, which has led to the delectable wines that have made Prejean Winery one of the most notable in New York state.

For example, they offer one of the earliest plantings of Merlot grapes from which they produce a varietal and also a blend with Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. Their Chardonnay and Riesling follow suit and have won numerous medals. Imagine being able to enjoy all of these marvelous vintages with wine delivery in NYC for only $5.00 a case!


Prejean Winery is proud to offer our full line of Europe-originated wines to anyone, anywhere, but right now wine delivery New York City is our best offer at only $5.00 to deliver per case. We hope that you take advantage of this offer and discover why Prejean Winery has become one of the premier wineries on the east coast. Enjoy them all and please enjoy responsibly!

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