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When you struggle with addiction, every day can be a challenge. If other treatments have failed, TMS therapy for addiction in Tampa, Florida could be the answer to your problems. At TMS Therapy Now, we answer all of your TMS needs and provide the care and support you need to recover from your addiction. Don’t wait. Contact TMS Therapy Now to learn how our TMS therapy program in Tampa, FL, can treat your addiction.


Many specialists have started treating their patients utilizing TMS therapy for addiction. This treatment works particularly well for people who are suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms, or that have a dual diagnosis with depression or anxiety. TMS helps stimulate the patient’s brain and gives them back control.

Though the exact reason is unknown, TMS has displayed positive signs in fighting patient withdrawal cravings. However, this treatment does not treat addiction on its own. Your doctor will likely add TMS therapy for addiction to other treatments, such as psychotherapy or treatment medication.


TMS Therapy for addiction in Tampa, Florida takes place in your doctor’s office. TMS therapy works by focusing on the part of the brain that controls your mood and depression. Some doctors theorize that people suffering from depression have a part of the brain that is not as active as it could be.
During treatment, an electromagnetic coil activates the brain cells that are responsible for your mood. The treatment delivers multiple magnetic pulses to the brain, and, in most cases, alleviates the symptoms of depression.


TMS therapy for addiction is noninvasive, so you won’t have to go under anesthesia or suffer any cuts. Most doctors agree that the frequency and strength of the magnetic pulses will be determined based on the number of twitches your doctor sees while performing the therapy. These twitches are what is called your motor control threshold. Usually, you can drive yourself home after therapy and return to work.

However, some side effects can manifest in some patients. It is not uncommon for patients to complain of headaches or discomfort where your doctor placed the magnetic coil. Other side effects can include tingling, lightheadedness, and muscle spasms or twitching.

This procedure can also have more severe side effects if your doctor does not take the appropriate precautions. More extreme side effects can include mania if you suffer from bipolar disorder, and seizures in people who have a history of epilepsy or seizures. Additionally, if you do not wear protection for your ears, you may experience some hearing loss.

These side effects are rare and unlikely. For the most part, TMS therapy for addiction is safe. You won’t have to take any additional drugs for your cravings. Therefore, there’s no danger of you becoming addicted to a new substance while you’re in TMS therapy. It is an excellent option for people who have been unsuccessful in other treatments.


When it comes to the experts in TMS therapy for addiction in Tampa, FL, there’s no better choice than TMS Therapy Now. Contact us today to learn how TMS therapy for addiction can assist you.

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