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4 Genius Packaging and Shipping Tips for Business Owners

Whenever you ship products to customers, small errors can turn into big problems. Mislabeled packages, missing, incorrect, or damaged items, miscommunication, shipping problems—how frustrating!

These packaging and shipping issues can easily turn your loyal customers away forever. Fortunately, you can prevent this.

And we’re going to show you how. Below are the most important shipping and packaging practices that every business needs to know.

These tips are easy to apply and cost you very little. But we’ll also explain how you can benefit from professional shipping solutions, too. To learn more, keep reading.

1. Use Strong Packaging Materials For Heavy Items

Your boxes should differ in more than just size. A large product that isn’t heavy is fine in a cheap, thin-walled box.

But heavy products require thick cardboard boxes with double-strong packing tape. These extra-heavy items might even require additional reinforcement via cardboard or wooden frames within the box. 

Heavy boxes might also need to be glued shut instead of simply taped. Otherwise, the box could pop open and spill the product.

So, make sure you’re stocked on supplies. Order affordable packaging and shipping supplies from a trustworthy supplier near you.

2. Packaging Within Packaging

When shipping multiple items in one box, don’t simply pile them in. Package each item individually and then place them in the larger box.

This protects each individual item from knocking into the others. Then, if someone accidentally drops the package, most if not all items should remain unharmed. Furthermore, boxes within boxes can actually help your items fit better in a single package. 

3. Use a Scale and a Printer

Using stamps to mail your products is both unreliable and a waste of money. On the one hand, you could easily miscalculate the number of stamps you need and ship packages with insufficient postage. Or, the stamps might fall off because they’re improperly affixed.

This wastes time for you and the customer as you wait for the package to return to you. It also wastes your money to ship it again.

Furthermore, you’re already wasting money when you use stamps. That is, instead of paying exact postage, you have to place more than enough stamps to cover the weight of the package. 

It’s much smarter and cost-effective to use a postage scale and print your shipping labels. This leaves no room for such shipping problems.

4. Get Professional Help

Lastly, consider hiring professional packaging and shipping solutions. Their efficiency should save you money in the long run.

At the very least, they’ll build up your reputation as a reliable shipper. And, if you need to, you can increase your business shipping rates to offset the cost.

But don’t worry. Your customers will actually appreciate paying extra when they know they can trust your delivery practices.

Try These Packaging and Shipping Tips For Yourself

If you’re not careful, packaging and shipping can be the biggest source of problems in your business. Don’t let that happen to you. Remember these tips whenever you ship products to customers.

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