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How to Maximize Your First Massage Experience

Walking in for your first massage can be an odd experience for most. If you’ve never experienced the benefits of a massage, you may not know what to expect.

Do you wear clothes?

Do you tip your masseuse?

What should you eat or drink beforehand?

It’s enough to stress anyone out! But the entire point of a body to body massage is the relieve tension and relax a bit.

Talk to Your Massage Therapist

Spend a few minutes before your massage to get to better know your masseuse. Talking is an easy way to put yourself at ease and can relieve some of the uncomfortable tension.

This is a great idea for first timers, as having a stranger put their hands on your body can be unsettling.

Take a few moments to chat with your massage therapist in a friendly manner. Ask them about their job and what they’d recommend during a first massage.

Some may prefer to have the specialist talk them through the process as it occurs.

You should take this time to let your masseuse know if you have any allergies to lotions or oils. Skin allergies are common, and you don’t want anything ruining your tranquil mood.

Drink Lots of Water

In order to maximize your massage experience, you’ll want to make sure you stay hydrated. This includes both before and after the massage.

While a body to body massage is enough to put some at ease, there’s a more scientific reason for the relaxing properties of a massage. A thorough deep tissue massage releases lactic acid buildup throughout your muscles.

Proper hydration can aid transportation, sending the acids flowing through your body faster. The debate over toxin release isn’t quite settled, but all scientists agree that hydration is good no matter what.

Understand That It’s Your Session

Much like a doctor’s visit or a therapy session, the patient should know that it’s their session.

This means that you’re in control.

If you don’t like something your masseuse is doing, you can politely ask them to stop. If you need something, you can ask for it. Don’t be shy.

If you’d prefer some light chitchat while your specialist works, that’s alright too. But it’s also perfectly acceptable to ask for silence so you can focus on relaxing.

The key idea to take away is that you’ve got the power.

Ask About Aftercare

You should always ask your masseuse about what to expect post-massage. You’ll likely feel a bit of tenderness or soreness for a few days.

This is normal and to be expected for a day or two after. It actually means that the massage did its job. If soreness lasts any longer, be sure to consult the massage studio immediately.

You may also experience an increased sense of focus. Believe it or not, massages can be great for productivity!

A massage is intended to be the perfect experience for you, a time to take care of yourself and to relax.

Make sure that you take the right steps to guarantee that it’s everything it should be. You deserve it.

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