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4 Excellent Natural Energy Boosters to Boost Your Everyday Performance

If you’re like most people, you probably rely on coffee, sugary foods, or even slightly sketchy energy drinks to boost your energy. 

While these energy boosters might work in the short-term, they usually come with a pretty serious crash a few hours later. 

Plus, energy drinks, in particular, come with some pretty serious mental and physical health risks – especially if you use them for many years. 

The good news? 

Not only are natural energy boosters safer, but they’re also often much more effective. 

Read on to learn about how to have more energy the natural way. 

1. Eat Right

One of the best ways to get energy is by switching up your diet. 

Cut out processed foods and make the switch to whole grains. Try nuts, oatmeal, olive oil, and other foods with a high glycemic index.

Also, snack/graze throughout the day instead of gorging yourself on huge meals. Eating too much in one sitting spikes your blood sugar and messes with your metabolism. This makes it tough for your body to calm down later.

Also, check out wearable patches that deliver the top vitamins and minerals right into your body through a wearable patch. 

Earl Hailey from says that some signs of iron deficiency are difficulty sleeping, heart palpitations, and shortness of breath.

2.  Get on a Sleep Schedule

One of the best ways to get energy is to start following a consistent sleep schedule. 

You have to train your body to fall asleep at the right times, and having the same wakeup alarm and bedtime can make that much easier.

Also, reserve your bed strictly for sleeping. No Netflix binging, chatting on the phone, or working allowed!

This helps your body to get into “sleep mode” every time you crawl into bed.

3. Work Out

Exercise is one of the best energy boosters out there, and it gives you a rush of feel-good endorphins in the process. 

We know that working out while you’re tired seems impossible, but even just going for a quick walk around the block works. 

Exercise increases cell energy, releases stress hormones like norepinephrine that boost energy levels, and moves oxygen throughout your body.

4. Ditch the Bad Habits

Especially if you’re consistently dealing with low energy levels, alcohol intake and smoking cigarettes are likely responsible. 

Alcohol makes you groggy, dehydrated, and definitely causes you to feel sluggish the next day. It’s best to enjoy a cocktail or glass of wine when you’re truly “done” for the day. 

In addition to numerous other health risks, smoking also makes you tired.

This is because nicotine is a stimulant, which means you’ll often have trouble falling asleep at night. 

Ditch the cigs and the after-work drinks for a while to see if things improve. 

Need More Than Just These Energy Boosters?

If you’ve tried all these energy boosters and still aren’t seeing any improvement, you may have a medical condition that’s making you exhausted. 

Talk to your doctor and schedule some tests. 

Need more tips on how to calm down before bed, reduce blue light and outdoor noise, and get more out of every day? 

Keep reading our blog to avoid missing out on advice regarding all these topics and many more. 

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