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Printing Paper Types, Styles And Sizes, The Full Guide

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Digital documentation may be neat and impressive, but the paper is alive and kicking from the White House to the corner store. 4.19 million Metric tons of paper were produced last year, so don’t be overridden with guilt every time you print. But in the massive sea of different types of printing paper for office purposes, which one should you choose?

Whether you need to print plans, images, reports, or memos, you have come to the right place. This post sheds light on the different types of office printing paper available when restocking your office supplies.



Matte is your type of paper when you have to create spotless client communication materials. It is distinguishable by a white coating-a smooth surface that accelerates ink drying times.



Glossy office paper is ideal for printing images. The shiny surface produces transparent colors and high-quality images, taking your photo printing to a whole new level. You can also use this for marketing materials-posters and fliers.


Bright White

Bright white works are superb for double-sided printing. The surface is smooth and grain-free. The paper is bright such that both sides are neatly visible without ink showing through.


Card Stock

Card stock is strong paper for making business cards in the office and scrapbooking at home. Our Thunderbolt card stock paper is thicker than most, highly durable, and can survive rigorous handling without tearing.



A resume paper is the all-important business paper for printing resumes and company profiles. It has a creamy or ivory tone.


Colored paper

Some communication and marketing materials require colored paper. Choose the correct colors based on the project’s context, or you will be pilloried as yahoo.


Heavy and light paper

Office paper weight varies. The weight metric is Grams per Square Meter (GSM). Most business printing jobs require 80GSM. 300 GMS is thicker paper for business cards, while 35 GSM is lighter paper for magazines.


A paper sizes

Thunderbolt office papers follow the ISO A paper size standards (A0-A10). A4 (210 x 297mm) paper is the most popular type of office paper. It is also known as legal-size paper, and it comes in different weights. A3 (324 x 458 mm) paper is double the size of A4 and is used for graphics and high-resolution images.


Textured paper

There are four types of paper textures: embossed, smooth, parchment, and coated. Smooth paper is flat and texture less. Embossed paper has raised detailing, while parchment paper is uncoated with a mildly rough texture. Coated paper, such as glossy paper, has a layer of finish.


Varnish coated paper

Office paper also comes in various coats that determine the applicability of each paper for a use case. Vanish-coated paper is glossy and ideal for photo printing.


UV coated paper

The UV coating on office paper enhances the protection of the printed colors. These papers can be matte, or gloss and text remain sharp and visible for a long time.


Aqueous coated paper

These printing papers are protected from markings and damages. They use a water-based coating that dries fast. They are ideal for high-value legal and financial documents.

If you follow this guide, you should make an informed choice on office printing papers. Do you have questions on these or other office supplies? Please let us know.

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