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3 Sports That Build Strength Over Time

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Getting into a new sport can be an exciting prospect, because while many of us like to feel in control, informed and capable, we know that starting out as a novice at something can be a tremendous feeling.

There are many reasons a guy might consider playing sports anew in his adulthood. For many, the chance to meet friends as an adult wanes outside of work, and so meeting new people you can compete with is fun to do. Sports can also put us into environments we may not really have experience with or be able to enjoy otherwise, for instance, if you love water then taking up speed sailing could be a great idea.

Sports, of course, are a great way to get fit and strong. But what if you wish to build up your strength as well as your cardiovascular conditioning? In this post, we’ll discuss three examples of this, why they matter, and what benefit they could yield you. Of course, while some sports are obvious, such as powerlifting in the image above, we’re going to discuss some alternatives you may not have tried. This can inspire you to take a step out into uncharted territory for the betterment of yourself:


Archery can train your arm, shoulder, neck and core muscles like almost nothing else. Even when you buy a compound bow of worth, which has been designed to work ergonomically in helping you measure and release and incredible amount of force, it requires balance, stability and good breathing work to get right. Not only this, but such an endeavor can train your focus, target-acquisition, and of course, hunting skills should you choose to use your bow in that kind of environment. It’s no wonder this is becoming a sport that many are finding joy in.


Swimming is a fantastic sport to get into should you wish to train your muscles without necessarily impacting your joints. It’s considered an ideal practice for those who might have suffered injuries in the past for this very reason. Of course, endurance swimming, racing, and even taking these skills towards more practical hobbies like scuba diving can be tremendously rewarding, improve your lung capacity, and enable you to grow strength.

Martial Arts

Many people think that learning a martial art means learning how to fight, and while that’s true in a technical sense, one of the first habits you’ll learn is how to avoid a fight as much as humanly possible. That said, martial arts are noble disciplines, allowing you to practice self-defense, routines, build your fitness, socialize with others, and grow as a person within a cultural tradition. From karate to tae kwon do, from krav maga to judo, what matters is enjoying a hobby that grows your cardio, self-control, and absolutely your strength too, in this case both mental and physical.

With this a dvice, you’re certain to build strength over time in a sport that remains tremendously good to keep up with and learn about.

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