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Exploring the World’s Currency Symbols

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In today’s modern age, the world is a much smaller place than it once was. The accessibility of the internet has connected local consumers and businesses to the global market and with it, the world’s unique currencies.

As you are likely aware, virtually every nation has its own currency, and with it, an assigned “shortcode” that is used on the open market (such as currency exchanges). This abbreviated code is also often used when pricing goods both on and offline.

Although some of these are no doubt familiar to you (such as USD or GBP), others have likely been off of your radar. Whether you’re traveling to another country for work or play, you manage or operate an online site with international visitors, or you frequently purchase items or services from international websites, we have you covered.

This guide will help you better understand the currency symbols of the world, how they are used, and what is involved with the transfer or the conversion of one currency to another.

Grab your favorite beverage of choice, kick back, and let’s dive right in…

Currency Signs and Symbols of the World

Currency symbols were developed as a quick and easy shorthand method to display the relevant currency type on and offline. These symbols eliminate the need to write out the full currencies name, and rather allow you to replace the full nomenclature with either an abbreviation and/or unique symbol.

In the following example, you will note two distinct currency signs/symbols: “USD” and “$”.

One-hundred US dollars may be expressed as:

  • One-hundred Dollars
  • One-hundred USD
  • $100

Let’s take a look at one more. In the example below, we’ll examine the currency sign and symbol for the British Pound.

British Pound (also known as British Sterling or Sterling):

  • GBP
  • £

Why Are Currency Signs Important?

Currency signs and symbols provide a standardized and universally recognized way to quickly and readily identify various currencies. Because of the “exchange rate” between each currency, knowing what type of currency you will be paying in is important.

Continuing with the aforementioned example of USD vs GBP, as of the time this guide was written, $1 was only equal to 0.80 Sterling. If you happened to be from the USA, carrying USD, and ventured into a café, this becomes quite important to note. Similarly, when shopping online you may come across sites that accept payment in different currencies and knowing what you’re working with will make calculating payment and comparing prices much easier.

Should I Write the Currency Symbol Before or After the Numeric Value?

This is a common question we see, and with good reason. The answer, is that it depends. Local customs as well as the currency itself generally dictate what the proper practice is.

For example, some European currencies are properly expressed with the symbol at the end of the numeric value. A good example of this is Germany and France (i.e. 100€).

In most English-speaking countries, such as the USA or Canada, the symbol and/or abbreviation is generally always in front of the numeric value (i.e. $75 USD or CAD 125.00).

With other currencies, you might even encounter the currency symbol located where the “decimal” would normally be in your native currency (i.e. 50$00).

Ok, But How do I Type a Currency Symbol in Microsoft Word?

You find yourself frequently needing to insert various currency symbols in your Word docs? If so you have likely experienced a frustration that many of us have also endured.

The good news is that accomplishing the insertion of currency symbols into Word isn’t all that difficult once you know how to do it.

How to Insert Currency Symbols in Word


The first (and potentially most efficient) way of inserting various currency symbols in Word is to utilize a currency shortcut sheet such as:

OPTION TWO (step by step)

  1. Open the document you’re interested in working on
  2. In the main menu at the top of the document, click on “Insert”
  3. At the far right of this new menu, you will see “Symbol”
  4. Clicking on “Symbol” will present you with a handful of common currency symbols. If your desired symbol is displayed, clicking on it will insert it into the document.
  5. If your symbol is not displayed, click on “more symbols” at the bottom of the “Symbol menu”
  6. Doing so will bring up a larger dialog box from which you’ll be presented with a wide range of other symbols
  7. Find the one you want, click on it, and you’re off to the races

PRO TIP: When you choose the correct symbol, Word will inform you of what it’s respective keyboard shortcut is so you can take note and expedite this process in the future.

What About Adding a Currency Symbol in Microsoft Excel?

If you’re working with numbers and currency, chances are you may need to input these values into an Excel spreadsheet. But similar to Word, finding where to do this isn’t always very apparent.

With Excel, you have two options.


Utilize the same steps as in the instructions for Word above, but this time in Excel.


Format the “cell” in Excel. By doing so, any number value you type into that cell will automatically be attributed to the proper currency symbol selected.

Steps to Format a Cell

  1. Open the Excel sheet you are working on
  2. Click on the cell you wish to format
  3. Right click
  4. In the menu that appears, select “format cells”
  5. From the dialogue boxes drop-down, select “Currency”
  6. Locate the desired currency symbol
  7. Click “Ok”

That’s it! From there simply type in any numeric value and hit return. Doing so will convert that number to the proper currency format (symbol and all).

List of Currency Symbols in North America

CurrencyCountryCurrency CodeCurrency SymbolHex Currency CodeUnicode CharactersHTML Currency SymbolHTML EntityCSS Code

US Dollar United States USD $ $ U+00024 $ $ 024
Canadian Dollar Canada CAD $ $ U+00024 $ $ 024
Mexican Peso Mexico MXN $ $ U+00024 $ $ 024
Aruban Florin Aruba AWG ƒ
Barbadian Dollar Barbados BBD $ $ U+00024 $ $ 024
Bermudian Dollar Bermuda BMD $ $ U+00024 $ $ 024
Bahamian Dollar Bahamas BSD $ $ U+00024 $ $ 024
Dominican Peso Dominican Republic DOP $ $ U+00024 $ $ 024
Jamaican Dollar Jamaica JMD $ $ U+00024 $ $ 024
Guatemalan Quetzal Guatemala GTQ Q
Panamanian Balboa Panama PAB B/.
East Caribbean Dollar Dominica XCD $ $ U+00024 $ $ 024

List of Currency Symbols in Europe

CurrencyCountryCurrency CodeCurrency SymbolHex Currency CodeUnicode CharatersHTML Currency SymbolHTML EntityCSS Code

Euro European Union EUR € U+020AC € € 20AC
Pounds Sterling United Kingdom GBP £ £ U+000A3 £ £ 0A3
Georgian Lari Georgia GEL ₾ U+20BE ₾ 20BE
Bulgarian Lev Bulgaria BGN лв
Swiss Franc Switzerland CHF CHF CHF
Danish Krone Denmark DKK kr kr
Czech Koruna Czech Republic CZK Kč
Croatian Kuna Croatia HRK kn kn
Hungarian Forint Hungary HUF ft Ft
Norwegian Krone Norway NOK kr kr
Russian Rouble Russia RUB ₽ U+020BD ₽ 20BD
Polish Zloty Poland PLN zł
Romanian Leu Romania RON lei lei
Swedish Krona Sweden SEK kr kr
Ukraine Hryvnia Ukraine UAH ₴ U+020B4 ₴ 20B4
Turkish Lira Turkey TRY ₺ U+020BA ₺ 20BA

List of Currency Symbols in South America

CurrencyCountryCurrency CodeCurrency SymbolHex Currency CodeUnicode CharatersHTML Currency SymbolHTML EntityCSS Code

Argentine Peso Argentina ARS $ $ U+00024 $ $ 024
Bolivian Boliviano Bolivia BOB Bs.
Brazilian Real Brazil BRL R$ R$
Chilean Peso Chile CLP $ $ U+00024 $ $ 024
Colombian Peso Colombia COP $ $ U+00024 $ $ 024
Peruvian Sol Peru PEN S/. S/.
Paraguayan Guaraní Paraguay PYG
Uruguayan Peso Uruguay UYU $ $ U+00024 $ $ 024
Venezuelan Bolívar Venezuela VES Bs.

List of Currency Symbols in Asia

CurrencyCountryCurrency CodeCurrency SymbolHex Currency CodeUnicode CharatersHTML Currency SymbolHTML EntityCSS Code

Japanese Yen Japan JPY ¥ ¥ U+000A5 ¥ ¥ 0A5
Bangladeshi Taka Bangladesh BDT ৳ U+009F3 ৳ 9F3
Chinese Yuan China CNY ¥ ¥ U+000A5 ¥ ¥ 0A5
Hong Kong Dollar Hong Kong HKD $ $ U+00024 $ $ 024
Indian Rupee India INR ₹ U+020B9 ₹ 20B9
Cambodian Riel Cambodia KHR ៛ U+017DB ៛ 17DB
Lao Kip Laos LAK ₭ U+020AD ₭ 20AD
Sri Lankan Rupee Sri Lanka LKR රු ₨
Maldivian Rufiyaa Maldives MVR
Malaysian Ringgit Malaysia MYR RM RM
Nepalese Rupee Nepal NPR</td> रू
Philippine Peso Philippines PHP &#x20b1; U+020B1 &#8369; 20B1
Pakistani Rupee Pakistan PKR &#x20a8; U+020A8 &#8360; 20A8
Singapore Dollar Singapore SGD $ &#x24; U+00024 &#36; &dollar; 024
Thai Baht Thailand THB ฿ &#xe3f; U+00E3F &#3647; E3F
Taiwanese Dollar Taiwan TWD $ &#x24; U+00024 &#36; &dollar; 024
Vietnamese Dong Vietnam VND &#x20ab; U+020AB &#8363; 20AB

List of Currency Symbols in Oceania

CurrencyCountryCurrency CodeCurrency SymbolHex Currency CodeUnicode CharatersHTML Currency SymbolHTML EntityCSS Code

Australian Dollar Australia AUD $ &#x24; U+00024 &#36; &dollar; 024
Fijian Dollar Fiji FJD $ &#x24; U+00024 &#36; &dollar; 024
New Zealand Dollar New Zealand NZD $ &#x24; U+00024 &#36; &dollar; 024
CFP Franc Wallis and Futuna XPF &#x46; U+020A3 &#8355; 20A3

List of Currency Symbols in Africa

CurrencyCountryCurrency CodeCurrency SymbolHex Currency CodeUnicode CharatersHTML Currency SymbolHTML EntityCSS Code

Egyptian Pound Egypt EGP £ &#xFFE1; U+0FFE1 &#65505; FFE1
Ghana Cedi Ghana GHS &#x20B5; U+020B5 &#8373; 20B5
Gambian Dalasi Gambia GMD D
Kenyan Shilling Kenya KES Sh
Moroccan Dirham Morocco MAD DH &#x2e;&#x62f;&#x2e;&#x645;
Malagasy Ariary Madagascar MGA Ar
Mauritian Rupee Mauritius MUR &#x20A8; U+020A8 &#8360; 20A8
Namibian Dollar Namibia NAD $ &#x24; U+00024 &#36; &dollar; 024
Nigerian Naira Nigeria NGN &#x20A6; U+020A6 &#8358; 20A6
Seychellois Rupee Seychelles SCR &#x20A8; U+020A8 &#8360; 20A8
Tunisian Dinar Tunisia TND DT &#x44;T
Ugandan Shilling Uganda UGX Sh
Central African Franc Cameroon XAF Fr
West African Franc Burkina Faso XOF Fr
Ethiopia South African Rand ZAR Br

List of Currency Symbols in Middle East

CurrencyCountryCurrency CodeCurrency SymbolHex Currency CodeUnicode CharatersHTML Currency SymbolHTML EntityCSS Code

United Arab Emirates Dirham United Arab Emirates AED د.إ
Israeli Sheqel Israel ILS &#x20AA; U+020AA &#8362; 20AA
Syrian Pound Syria SYP £ &#xa3; U+000A3 &#163; &pound; 0A3
Jordanian Dinar Jordan JOD د.ا
Kuwaiti Dinar Kuwait KWD د.ك
Lebanese Pound Lebanon LBP ل.ل
Omani Rial Oman OMR ر.ع.
Qatari Riyal Qatar QAR ر.ق
Saudi Riyal Saudi Arabia SAR

Put Your Newfound Knowledge to Work

Understanding what currency symbols are, how they are used, and how to utilize them in common applications such as Word and Excel is an important skill to have. Whether traveling abroad for work or pleasure, or shopping on your favorite international website, being able to identify and properly utilize currency symbols can be a real asset.

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