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2019 LBP Tournament Fishing Registration and Sponsorship Rules

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It is the responsibility of each angler to understand and abide by the rules listed below. 

1. One registration form per team (form at the bottom of this page) should be filled out for 2019.

2. The Captain of the team/vessel listed on the official LBP registration form has the ultimate rights over distributing the prize winnings.

3. 1st place in the tournament determines the overall winner.

4. Teams are required to obey each individual tournament rule and adhere to their boundaries to be eligible for receiving our cash prize offer.

5. In order to be eligible for a LBP payout, every team participating in our sponsorship program is required to place a Lithium Battery Power logo on either the port or starboard side of the vessel. We will send out a vinyl sticker of our logo by mail or you can pick one up at the captains party.

6. If your team wins 1st place with our LBP logo visible on your vessel, a $1500 LBP product credit will be paid out. It’s your responsibility to place the sticker on the side of your boat so it’s visible.

7. Contestants must take a team picture with the fish, your boat showing our LBP logo (sticker), and the team tournament registration number being held up. You can submit this to [email protected].

8. Acceptable logo placement is shown below. LBP logos can be placed anywhere within the yellow dotted line on either the port or starboard side of the vessel.


A $1,500 LBP credit will be issued to the 1st place winner. This credit can be applied towards any Lithium Battery Power products and merchandise. You can only win a maximum credit of $1,500 for each tournament. You are eligible to win as many tournaments as you enter.

  • Each 1st place winner automatically qualifies to be a LBP pro staff member, which includes permanent discounts on all LBP products and merchandise.
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