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Canvas Prints and Photography, a perfect match?

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One of the most exciting things about being a photographer in the 21st century is the vast range of printing and presentation options. With technology advancing at lightning speed, there’s an ever-growing selection of bases and media that can be used by photographers to bring fleeting moments and stills to life.

Canvas has long been the material of choice for many artists, but it also offers benefits for photographers. Although canvas prints have been around for a long time, modern printing methods, combined with improved shot-taking technology, create canvases that are more impressive and impactful than ever before. If you’re a professional photographer, and you’re looking to expand your range of products, or you’re interested in printing on canvas, here’s a useful guide to the brilliant benefits of canvas prints for photographers.

Why should photographers order canvas prints for their pictures?

Every photographer wants to present the fruits of their labor in the best possible way, and often, this means exploring a broad spectrum of options. While traditional printed photographs serve a purpose, there are often advantages to considering alternative ways to print pictures. Canvas prints offer a host of benefits, including:

●      Depth and dynamism

When you look at a standard print, it can be difficult to get an impression of the depth in the shot, and pictures tend to take on a 2D appearance. With a canvas print, the grain of the surface provides instant depth and dynamism, enabling you to appreciate the 3D effect that is often flattened on a regular shot. Staring at a canvas print on a wall provides a very different experience to that of looking at a photograph that has been framed. The canvas facilitates the presentation of a 3D image, creating a more dynamic, immersive aesthetic.

●      Size

Printing photographs usually requires you to select a size, and there’s a limited range of options available. While it is possible to enlarge photos, the overall effect isn’t as impressive as printing pictures on canvas. With a canvas as a base, you can create images of all sizes. Whether your clients are looking for a small print to give as a gift to somebody, or they want to fill a wall in their home with their favorite shot, printing on canvas offers people a choice. From landscapes and family portraits to magical moments captured on camera at a wedding or christening, it’s possible to turn an image into a spectacular piece of artwork for any kind of gallery.

●      Glare

Photographs often bounce light around when they’re hung on walls or displayed in frames. Even if you print matte snaps, there’s usually a degree of glare. With canvas prints, this isn’t a problem, as no glass front is required. The canvas will simply shine brightly in the sun, rather than reflecting light rays to make it impossible to appreciate the image in all its glory. When you print on canvas, you enable the person looking at the subject matter to focus entirely on the image, rather than being distracted by the light falling or bouncing, or trying to make out a distorted picture. Canvas prints can often create a more professional finish.

●      Precious pieces

Photographs can be incredibly special, but there’s something unique about canvas prints. Canvas prints can convert an image into a piece of art, a gift or an heirloom that can be passed down from one generation to another. Many people who choose to enlist the services of a professional photographer for a portrait session or a special occasion, like a wedding, want to order prints they can keep and display for years to come. A canvas print has an instant impact on the look and feel of a home, and it can act as a trigger to bring back memories for a lifetime. Canvases also make wonderful presents, and as such, clients who have hired a photographer may be more inclined to order canvas prints than regular photographs.

●      Artistic effects

Painters and artists have used canvas for centuries, and for good reason. Canvas provides a beautiful base for paints, but it’s also a wonderful medium for photographers to display their wares and showcase their talents. With a canvas print, you get the clarity of a photograph combined with the depth and texture of a canvas painting. Canvas prints often have the feel of an oil painting, and they can create a very romantic, vintage-style aesthetic, which works perfectly for natural landscapes and scenery, wedding shots, and treasured family photos.

●      Versatility

When you think about booking a photographer, you’re probably focused on getting a set of spectacular, high-quality photos at the end, but versatility is becoming more important for photographers. Many of us are looking for novel, interesting ways to decorate our homes and personalize spaces. While framing photos is still hugely popular, there is a good chance that clients will be impressed by the option to choose different types of products. Canvas prints offer a different aesthetic to regular shots, and they can be used as a focal point in any room.

●      Editing

Ordering pictures on canvas enables you to be more flexible in terms of editing the image. You can adjust and modify the picture to ensure that it looks its best on the canvas surface. As you have access to a diverse range of sizes, you can enjoy the freedom to enhance the photograph to create a really impressive, unique finished article.

●      Durability

Canvases are famed for their longevity. If you choose to print pictures on canvas, they’ll still look as fresh, clear and bright as they did on the day of printing years later.

Canvas prints offer a versatile option for photographers. Ordering pictures on canvas provides a host of benefits, which can improve the aesthetic of the shot, and facilitate the creation of unique and bespoke artwork and gifts. Canvas prints offer depth, they can be ordered in all sizes, and they last for years. By using canvas, photographers can provide clients with custom-designed pieces to treasure and prints that offer a different dynamic to standard photographs.

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