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18 Best Clothes Hangers for 2019 [By Category]

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Life’s too short to cheap out on mismatched pieces of plastic or flimsy wire clothes hangers. After all, if you love your clothes, you should store and display them with pride by investing in quality, matching hangers for your closet.


Durable, high-quality clothes hangers can extend the life of your clothing, and add flare to an otherwise drab wardrobe. But, not all hangers are created equal. Some are better for specific clothing types, others for certain age groups.


How do you decide which one fits best in your wardrobe?


In this guide, we’ll look at the best clothes hangers on the market, broken down by clothing type, material and item size.


What Are the Best Hangers for Your Clothes?

There are countless types of clothes hangers. The standard plastic or wire hangers you’ve probably seen at the mall aren’t built to last multiple years or maintain the integrity of the clothing—they’re only meant to display the clothes for a short while and at a minimal cost.


If you want to maximize the lifespan of your clothes, you must buy clothes hangers that match the type of clothing you own. Just like clothing, your hangers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and should never be considered a “one size fits all” product.


Unfortunately, differentiation among hangers can add a layer of complexity to your wardrobe. Luckily for you, we’re going to get down to business and review the best hangers:

  • By clothing type
  • By material
  • By item size


Best Hangers By Clothing Type

Best Hangers for Pants

An ideal pants hanger is one made of durable metal with flat edges. When a pants hanger is constructed in this way, it ensures that the clothes can be hung without sagging and creases won’t get wrinkled or misaligned.


Fortunately, Black Velvet Touch 4-Step Hanger does just the trick. These hardy clothes hangers are designed to hold the weight of up to five pairs of trousers, leggings, slacks, dress pants, jeans, or even neckties. Each pant hanger is coated with non-slip silicone and is rust-resistant.

Black Velvet Touch 4-Step Hanger


Best of all, these pants hangers come with a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can shop with peace of mind. Treat yourself to these top-notch pant hangers if you want to free up loads of closet space and provide quick storage for up to 16 pairs of pants.


Best Hanger for Skirts

You don’t want to ruin your favorite skirt before a big night out by having them slip off your hanger and crumble on the floor. That’s why you should invest in quality silicone-based clothes hangers for your skirts that won’t leave streaks on the fabric or let the skirt fall or sag.


We recommend going with the 17 1/2″ Black Stationary Bar Hanger. These versatile hangers are built to carry the weight of a thick woven skirt or a suit jacket.

Black Stationary Bar Hanger


These hangers are thick and made of solid wood with a chrome hook. Since there aren’t any clamps, you won’t have to worry about snags or stretches with these hangers.


The wooden finish is outfitted with a silicone-based varnish that lets fabric slide smoothly along its surface. This helps prevent fabric snags and clothes from slipping off the hanger. Its non-slip surface and smooth coating make this hanger ideal for skirts and skirt-based business suits.


Another good skirt hanger option for people with smaller closets would be this 15″ chrome plated skirt hanger.

Chrome Plated Skirt Pants Hangers


It can hold up to 5 skirts, and comes with adjustable clamps you can use to customize the spacing between clothing items. It can also be used with ties, blouses, shirts etc.


Best Hangers for Suits and Jackets

The average suit is a lot heavier than a t-shirt. Therefore, it’s crucial that you select hangers that are capable of holding the weight of heavier items such as a suit jacket.

Nothing can ruin a first impression at an important client meeting or job interview like having your freshly dry-cleaned suit fall off a cheap hanger and pile on the floor into a wrinkled mess.


To prevent a fashion faux pas or a wardrobe malfunction, consider picking up a pack of Wooden Suit Hanger With Stationary Bar. These heavy-duty clothes hangers measure 18 inches in width, which makes them an appropriate solution for bulkier clothing items like suits and jackets.

Wooden Suit Hanger with Stationary Bar


Best of all, the hanger looks as elegant as your suit as it has a beautiful cherry gloss finish.


There is a stationary skirt or pants bar that stretches the width of the hanger. The bar makes this hanger an ideal storage device for heavy pants and wool suit jackets.


Overall, the hanger provides a concave surface and flared endpoints for form-fitting shoulder mobility, with a stunning cherrywood coating under a durable metal hook.


Best Hangers for Sweaters

You don’t want to cheap out on hangers for your sweater collection. If you opt for low-quality plastic or wire hangers, you might end up with sweaters that have loose necks. To keep your sweaters looking fresh and comfortable, you should choose a wooden or fabric-based clothes hanger with rounded shoulders.


To keep your sweaters looking their best, we recommend going with a 16″ low gloss white wooden hanger. These coat hangers boast a chic white color and feature rubber grips at the ends to keep sweaters from sliding to the floor.

low gloss white wooden hanger

Approximately a half-inch thick, these wooden sweater hangers have chrome hardware hooks that provide a modern appeal.


If you want a budget-friendly storage solution for your sweaters, hoodies, or pullovers, invest in a 25-pack of these white hangers. Since they are made of wood, you don’t have to worry about them bending or breaking over time. Instead, you can hang sweaters with confidence, knowing they will hold their weight for years to come.


Best Hangers for Shirts

Shirts take up most of the space in our closets. That’s why it’s so important that we purchase high-quality shirt hangers. Otherwise, we may end up with our shirts bent out of shape or our necks sagging like a V-neck.


To conserve space in your wardrobe, consider picking up a 10-pack of cascading velvet hangers. The hangers’ slim build construction is designed to make the most of your limited closet space without compromising on quality. Best of all, the sturdy construction can hold up to 10lbs.

Cascading Velvet Hangers


Regardless of the weight or size of your shirt, you can rest assured that these hangers will get the job done and won’t lose their hold or create unnecessary bulk in your closet.


Best Hangers for T-Shirts

Chances are you probably have dozens of t-shirts sitting around in your closet or dresser. If you let them sit for long enough, you will have a collection of wrinkled, creased t-shirts that won’t look good the next time you slip them on.


To keep your t-shirt collection looking as crisp as when you bought them, consider picking up a pack of Black Velvet Touch Shirt Hangers. These hangers are made of lightweight velvet to allow for optimal slip prevention while maintaining a thin, streamlined frame.

Black Velvet Touch Shirt Hangers


Since t-shirts are delicate items, these velvet hangers are designed to protect your tees from stretches and rips.


If you want a wrinkle-free t-shirt, these black velvet clothes hangers should be your first choice. At an affordable price, these hangers offer a chic addition to your closet without taking up too much space. Plus, the versatile chrome hook makes it easy to hang from a shower rod, towel bar, bathroom door, car handle hook, or wherever else you happen to be.


Best Coat Hangers

You should never rely on regular wire hangers to hang your heavy outdoor coats and jackets. Instead, trust high-quality wooden coat hangers to carry the weight of your coat for months or years at a time without slouching or sagging.


To support the weight of your coat, we suggest opting for Cherry Wood Hangers. These hangers not only add elegance and sophistication to your closet, but they have the ability to support larger heavy clothing items such as bulky coats and jackets.

Cherry Wood Suit Hanger with Stationary Bar


These hangers have a rich mahogany finish, while their construction is made of hardwood maple and alder. Plus, the 360-degree swivel hook lets you enjoy custom positioning when hanging your coat.


Best Hangers for Belts and Ties

The best hangers for belts and ties are those that include clasps or a sturdy crossbar for ties to neatly fold across. Just like the best pants hangers or best hangers for skirts, build construction should be your number one priority.


We suggest picking up this Non-Slip Tie or Belt Swivel Hanger Organizer to provide yourself with 16-rod hooks and closet bars.

Non-slip Tie or Belt Swivel Hanger Organizer


With this space-saving device, you can hang up to 18 of your favorite ties or belts without worrying about their slipping off or losing them in your dresser drawer.

Best Hangers for Scarves

A lightweight construction should allow scarf hangers to sit at the back of your closet without taking up much space or attracting too much attention.


For a chic and lightweight scarf hanger, we suggest choosing this Black Velvet Scarf Hanger.

Black Velvet Scarf Hanger


At a fraction of the weight of a metal or wire hanger, this product features 11 sleek loops from which to hang, organize, and display your scarves.


By Material

Best Velvet Hangers

Sometimes referred to as “flocked hangers,” velvet hangers are ideal for small closets that lack the space of larger wardrobes since velvet is a thin and lightweight material.


To spruce up your wardrobe, we recommend white or black velvet hangers. These hangers come with the option to include a trouser bar, clips or sacading design to hanger multiple clothing items with a single space-saving hanger.


Pick these hangers up if you want to keep your closet looking its best without breaking the bank.


Best Wooden Hangers

Since wooden hangers don’t budge or bend, you can rest assured knowing that they can hold your heaviest articles of clothing like coats or sport jackets.


For the best wooden hangers, consider picking up a Natural Wooden Hangers With Stationary Bar.

Wooden Suit Hangers with Stationary Bar


These hangers have a timeless wooden aesthetic and a convenient 17-inch trouser bar so you can hang pants and skirts without worrying about them slipping and falling. Plus, their concave body shape conforms wonderfully to shirts and jackets.


Best Plastic Hangers

While not always the best option for heavier clothing items such a suitor jacket, plastic clothes hangers can get the job done if you need something affordable to hang lower weight items such as shorts and shirts.


The main issue with plastic hangers is that they tend to be bulkier than wire or metal hangers, which can be a pain if you have limited space.


Treat your t-shirts and lightweight tops to the best plastic hangers around. These Standard Everyday Black Plastic Hangers are the perfect size for shirts and lightweight sweaters, and are made with durable plastic that can hook straps on their edges to prevent slips.

Black Plastic Hangers


Best Metal Hangers

Metallic hangers can hold a lot of weight without bending or sagging. Therefore, most people use metal hangers to store their larger, heavier-weight clothing items.


For the best metal hangers, invest in a 8-pack of these solid Chrome Hangers. Not only do these hangers suit the aesthetics of practically any wardrobe, but they are sturdy enough to hold your heaviest coats. And, they won’t take up a ton of space in the closet.


Best Fabric Hangers

Fabric hangers are the perfect lightweight solution for delicate clothing that must be handled gently.


For your most delicate apparel, consider picking up a pack of Satin Boutique Hangers.

Black Satin Boutique Hangers


These hangers have an aesthetic bow at the top and are built to handle your thin, intimate clothing without causing tears or rips.


By Shape and Size

Best Slim Hangers

If you have limited closet space, you should think about buying hangers with a slim, streamlined profile. For the best space-saving hangers, consider plastic or metal construction. These hanger types tend to be thinner and lighter.


We recommend the Vinyl Coated Wire Metal Hangers. These hangers are coated with vinyl to prevent slipping and are among the best slim hangers on the market.

Vinyl Coated Wire Metal Hangers


Best Travel Hangers

When traveling, you need to be able to hang clothes when you don’t have access to a wardrobe or closet. Therefore, versatility is the most important consideration when looking for the best travel hangers.


To get the most bang for your buck, pick up the Garment Storage Closet With Shelving.

Garment Storage Closet With Shelving


This portable shelving unit provides room to hang your shirts and pants while on the move, and it is fully collapsible.

Best Hangers for Kids and Children’s Clothes

Stretching kids’ clothing onto oversized hangers can damage the clothes and leave them unwearable.


To prevent damage, we suggest these Metal Coat Clothes Hangers With Plastic Coating.

Metal Coat Clothes Hangers With Plastic Coating


These hangers are coated with protective plastic and have a fun multicolored finish that children will love.


Best Hangers for Baby Clothes

Since a baby clothing is much smaller, you need infant-sized hangers for their clothes.


For the best value, we suggest picking up Pink Baby Kids Children’s Plastic Hangers.

Pink Baby Kids Children's Plastic Hangers


These small plastic hangers are perfect for a little boy or girl who needs something lightweight to carry their clothing.


Which Hangers Are You Going to Try?

Clearly, there’s no “one size fits all” approach to buying clothes hangers. You need to factor in things like clothing type, size and material and choosing the best hangers for your wardrobe.


It sounds simple, but make the wrong decision and you might end up with stretched out shirt necks or wrinkled pants sitting in a heap on the floor. Prevent these wardrobe malfunctions by investing in any of the hangers listed above.

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