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12 best online collaboration tools in 2021

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Well, 2020 is over and most of us are acquainted with remote working and online meetings, all thanks to the pandemic. However, some are still finding it a struggle to efficiently collaborate online. This may be due to the lack of proper methods implemented by your team or simply because you haven’t landed on the proper tool for your team’s needs.

Every tool is different, and it brings its own advantages to the table. Thus, it becomes important to sort out the features for each and make an informed decision. But don’t worry, we’ve done the work for you. Keep reading to know more about some of the best small business collaboration tools.

Communication Platforms


Using 5 different tools to manage one function isn’t considered efficient. Sadly, that’s what we see many organizations resort to. Clariti makes it possible to do it all in one app. Clariti is the ideal team productivity tool that helps cut down on the time spent in searching for information. It does this by keeping all your related conversations together in Topic Threads. Facilitating meaningful team communication, Clariti makes it easy to collaborate on projects.

Normally, you may have a separate mail provider, a separate chatting software and something else for calendars and to-dos. This means your work is completely scattered across-the-board resulting in huge loss of time and effort. Within Clariti, you can send emails, chats and set to-dos right from that chat. This helps keep the context when you are going back to the conversation at a later point.

Because you can organize related items in a single thread, you are never left to deal with information silos, which is a huge time waster. You can also share and view documents and files in a thread, which always remain inside that thread, making it easy to access later. Users can also make group calls on Clariti, which comes with a dynamic note-taking feature. Call notes are shared with all participants once the call is completed, making team collaboration simple to achieve.


Originally known as Vector, Element is one of the most secure online chatting apps with end-to-end encryption. This makes it a good tool for teams that require a safe place to send confidential information. Further, Element is the perfect platform to collaborate on with other developers over the open Matrix network. Element is apt for use in varying team sizes.


Think social networking but on an organizational level. You’ll get Yammer. This collaboration tool makes it easy to communicate with people across your organization and get answers to your questions, even if you don’t know who to ask! Users can be kept in the loop about organizations’ day-day happenings. You can also create and join groups within specific teams and share media and documents in conversations!


Today we are living in a world of remote meetings and teams. Glip is the best online video calling software to conduct meetings with remote teams. There is no time limit set on the meetings and you can have up to 100 participants in one call. Glip also has a live chatting, document sharing and task management features that promote productivity.


Enhancing customer experience is one of the best ways to ensure retention. FrontApp is the best channel to engage with customers on. It brings emails, apps and teammates into one place. There is a universal inbox that all teammates can access, meaning context is never lost. FrontApp also makes it easy to manage the workflow of your whole team.

Whiteboard and Documents Software


Some people work better visually and for them, Collaboard is the perfect collaboration tool. It is a website application that allows its users to create mind-maps, diagrams and notes for projects. Collaboard has features like notes making and editing which allows users to exchange ideas with ease and efficiency. There are various tiers to the product, with advanced features that users can subscribe to.


Miro is an online collaborative whiteboard for teams. It is a good tool for ideation and brainstorming that can be accessed by multiple people at once. This collaboration software allows its users to draw maps, progress trackers and custom charts with facilitates easy project tracking.


Quip is a mobile and web-based software that makes document creation easy. Teams can collaborate on documents, spreadsheets along with chatting within the software. It facilitates mess-free collaboration and propels work within a team. Quip also has multiple document templates that gives you a head start on your work. This online collaboration tool is perfect for Sales and Service teams.

Task Management Software


Smartsheet is one of the leading work management software available. It has spread sheet views, calendars and Gantt Charts that allows teams to plan their work and execute in an efficient way. Smartsheet can also seamlessly integrate with leading productivity suite software making work collaboration simple. combines the power pf CRM, task management, time tracking and billing functionality. It is the perfect tool for freelancers that deal with multiple clients. Since there is an inbuilt billing function, users don’t have pore over their time spent to actions completed ratio. It’s all there in one place! Small agencies can also make use of this tool to accurately measure their task timings for client billing.

ProProfs – Projects

Managing multiple projects can be a big task to oversee. However, thanks to software like ProProfs, the job becomes much easier to handle. Managers can assign tasks, track progress and discuss with the team all under a single dashboard. And the best part, you can also generate reports on the progress and invoices for the clients with a single click!


Box is a Content Management software that allows you to collaborate with users wherever they are and from whatever device they are using. Box offers premium security for its users making it a trustworthy platform to store your work. On Box, you can seamlessly integrate countless apps that are used for productivity and work management making it easy to work with.

Collaboration Tools come in many shapes and sizes. We hope our list helps you decide which is the best one for you.

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