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Top Ten Water Loving Dog Breeds

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If you love any water-related activities, whether it’s swimming, kayaking, or boating, having a dog who loves water can make your favorite water sports and adventures even more fun. Many dog breeds absolutely love the water and can’t wait to jump in, but other breeds aren’t suited to the water and may not enjoy it.

The dogs best suited for water are generally bred for water activities. They have the proper build, with their weight distributed for easy swimming and maneuvering when in the water. Some have webbed paws, rudder-like tails, and coats that quickly shed moisture to keep them warm and dry. Many dogs love being in the water because it’s a way to play with their owners. But which breeds are the top water-loving dogs?

Portuguese Water Dog

These water-loving hounds were developed to work with fishermen, and they love hanging out on boats. They are natural swimmers and will willingly leap into any river, creek, or lake. At 40-60 pounds, these are great family dogs with gentle demeanors, but they are high energy, so make sure you exercise them daily. Make sure your Portuguese Water Dog wears a cool waterproof dog collar so that he’s always prepared.


Another dog bred for water, this time for retrieving waterfowl. Poodles have curly coats that protect their joints and keep them buoyant. If you’re unsure what size dog you want, poodles come in toy, miniature, and standard sizes to fit every family. Although hardy and healthy, you may want your female poodle to rock a girly dog collar such as Pupups Jubilee since poodles are seen as canine fashionistas.

Labrador Retriever

This is the ultimate family pet for anyone who loves the water. Labradors are known for their friendly, enthusiastic personalities, gentleness with children, and love of goofy antics. They will retrieve tennis balls all day long, especially if tossed into the lake or a swimming pool. Pupups’ easy to clean Gnome dog collar is the perfect stink-free dog collar if your Labrador Retriever will be jumping into lots of muddy creeks and lakes.


These gentle giants (and we do mean giant – the typical weight of a Newfie is anywhere from 110 150 pounds!) are among the best swimmers around and are often used for water rescues. They are placid, loyal, and intuitively protect those around them. You’ll need a dog collar in Large for your Newfoundland, and a strong, waterproof leash that can keep her secure when you’re out and about.

Boykin Spaniel

Although not as well known as many other water dog breeds, the Boykin Spaniel is becoming more well-known, particularly in the Southern United States. It’s a compact, athletic dog with webbed paws ideal for hitting the water. It’s also a lovely family companion with a sunny disposition. At 25-40 pounds, a Boykin Spaniel can go swimming or boating with ease.


At 10-16 pounds, the Schipperke is one of the smallest dogs with a natural affinity for water. Schipperkes are a Belgium breed often used on boats and ships to capture vermin and act as guard dogs. This is a compact breed for small dog enthusiasts that can fit into your kayak or enjoy a few laps in the pool with your kids. Our bold, buffalo plaid dog collar will look great against the shiny, black coat of the Schipperke. Fortunately, we offer the Happy Camper collar in small sizes which will be the perfect fit.

Irish Setter

The regal-looking Irish Setter was bred for retrieving waterfowl. Its long, athletic limbs are ideal for swimming, and its long, silky coat is the perfect insulation against cold waters. Setters can stay afloat for impressive periods and are playful but focused on the water. Their rich, mahogany red coats are known for their glossy beauty.

Curly Coated Retriever

A cousin to the Labrador Retriever, this high-energy dog has a tight, curly coat that protects against the cold and keeps the fur from getting water-logged. Their personality is frisky and affectionate, making it a good fit for families with children. These dogs look a bit like Labradors with perms. Set off all those glorious curls with a dog collar and leash set from Pupups, where you’re sure to find a waterproof dog collar with a unique style you won’t find anywhere else.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

The name is a mouthful, but the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is smaller than most water dogs who were bred for use in waterfowl hunting. Their unique talent is luring (or “tolling”) ducks closer to hunters with their playful maneuvers in the water. Their playful antics make them great family pets. Typical Nova Scotias weigh between 35 and 50 pounds, so if you want a mid-size, water-loving dog, consider this guy.

English Setter

The long, flowing fur on the English Setter protects it against the element when she’s doing her favorite thing – swimming. This hunting hound is one of the most intelligent breeds available, with an impressive memory and the ability to learn new tricks quickly. The English Setter’s personality is an interesting blend of a couch potato when inside and a whirlwind when on or in the water.

When you find the water-loving dog of your dreams, our leashes and water collars for dogs will help you outfit them in style for your next great water adventure.

Rescue Dog

Last but not least is the Rescue Dog! So many dogs are delighted by a dip in the water, so let them guide you, and if they seem interested take all safety precautions like a trusty life jacket and have a grand time!

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