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10 Ways to Attract High-End Clients for Your Luxury Salon and Day Spas

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Are you ready to grow your luxury salon or day spa into the dream you have always had for it? You can stop dreaming and start doing it now with these ten ways to attract high-end clients.

  1. Targeting is Key– Start with the basics by doing some research on your location demographics. Check into the statistics on the average age of people in the area, more men than women or vice versa? Check into the median income and family size as well as where the more affluent locations are in your area. These things will help you to create an advertising and services plan for your spa that targets all the things that will reach those that you want to provide services to. It’s about really connecting with your ‘audience’ and providing the things that matter most to them.

  2. Check the Competition– what are the best luxury spas in your surrounding area? What can you do differently to attract the higher end clients? Reaching out to salons out of your area that are successfully creating a valuable experience for their clients can help you in determining how best to outdo your competition locally.

  3. Indulgence– Indulging clientele with the small things keeps your spa in the top of their minds whenever they desire a salon or spa service. These touches can go a long way in setting you apart from the others. Provide infused lemon or fresh berry waters, coffee, tea or champagne for drinks. Have a platter of fresh sliced fruits and cheeses available for snacking. Present them on real dish platters, (never use plastics, these are saying ‘cheap’, which your services and salon are not) with fresh herbs or flower petals, providing aroma and beauty. Simple, yet powerful reminders of pampering your spa and salon customers when providing high quality hair, nails and massage services. Jeffrey McQuithy, owner of Vis-a Vis the Salon in Atlanta says, “If you psychologically create that luxury experience for everyone, they will find a way to buy your services and products and come see you no matter what you charge.” Treating everyone as a luxury client, brings in the luxury clients.

  4. Be the Local Destination Day Spa– You don’t have to be in a tropical locale to create a space that is a popular destination spa. Team your spa services with a local high profile hotel and offer their guests a complimentary discount on a quick blowout service, as well as spa package services for an afternoon at your salon. Locals can enjoy a stay-cation, and advertising in a greater radius can bring in the tourists as well. Refined marketing brochures can go a long way for a spa that is wanting to grow.

  5. Marketing Made Easy– Marketing is a must when attracting high-end clients, and they will need to see pictures of the inside of your salon, perhaps pictures of complimentary champagne and cheese with clients enjoying your services. It’s not all about expenditure when it comes to marketing- use your customer base to share on social media and blogs. If you make great posts about your salon or special new service, have your favorite clients share about the services they love in your local groups, as well as publicly on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Share your favorite customer stories as well. Don’t just promote your salon, share your experience, tips and fashionable service and salon success ideas on social media. Become the expert that others want to read about when discovering how a new massage technique or a new treatment such as cryotherapy can make a healthy difference in their lives.

  6. Superior Staff– It’s all about the experience for the customer, and having a well trained staff will go a long way in attracting high end clients to a luxury salon and day spa. Well dressed and happy staff can welcome customers that will remember the quality of your technicians. Be sure that they take all calls with an absolute commitment to finding an appointment for those clients. Never say no, always offer an alternative date or time if you are well-booked. ‘Can’t’ is not a word used in a successful luxury day spa. Speed and accommodation is always spread by word of mouth, and it attracts those seeking a finer experience in beauty treatments.

  7. Products and Services– Catering to the high-end client includes adding services and products that other salons and spas do not offer near you. Being the one in the area that has a float wellness tank, for healthy sensory deprivation and relaxation therapy can go a long way in attracting the more affluent. Whole body cryotherapy is another service that is taking the spa industry by storm. People everywhere have found the benefits of cryotherapy for their injuries, for wellness and for beauty. Cryotherapy allows for a 3 minute booth session that reduces inflammation, increases blood and nutrient flow in the body and benefits the skin’s collagen. The natural endorphins released are good for the mind and body. This treatment is popular and an excellent attraction for the luxury spa. All finer salons offer premiere hair and skin products for sale. Carry a fine line of products for your clients.

  8. Space Ambiance– Keep your salon or day spa fresh and new all the time. Regularly update your color schemes, furniture, art and signage. Add modern popular details, such as the latest candles and water features, lighting and robes. Redesigning in small ways can make a huge difference to show that you are always cutting edge in your luxury service industry.

  9. Sell an Experience– you should consider the fact that your clientele and their connections will always enjoy a perk or gift. Be sure to write simple thank you notes during the year, appreciating your clients. Give them special service offerings for preferred clients, with a discount on a new service. Throw a new service party- when adding a cryotherapy chamber or new facial steamer, offer an evening with hors’ d’oeuvres and drinks, and offer a mini session for clients to try out your new service offerings. Wellness gifts are a popular way to cater to the high-end clients that will bring you more business as word about your amazing luxury salon gets out.

  10. Setting the Luxury Price– High end luxury salon and day spa clients tend are attracted to higher prices as the quality of services will provide them the value of what they are seeking. According to Business Marketing Engine, “High-end clients gravitate to high prices. Sticker shock is not an issue with this group, however, lower prices on things they place an enormous amount of value in will raise eyebrows. When your product or service price lists showcase low prices, it makes the high-end client audience question whether or not you can provide the benefits they seek.”


Consider ten ways to attract high-end clients for your luxury salon and day spa, and expand your business with these potential growth ideas in spa trends.

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