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7 Modern Window Treatments That Are Trending Now

When was the last time you bought new window treatments? Whether you need to scrap the old or want something new, review these modern window treatments.

Drapes, shades, and blinds are quite literally windows of opportunity. They can transform your home from somewhere that’s cold and bleak into a place that looks warm and chic.

What you need is something to inspire your imagination. Here are seven modern window treatments that’ll turn your house into a home.

1. Floor to Ceiling Drapes

Drapes, or curtains if you prefer, are almost always made from fabric. If your windows don’t go down to the floor, then your drapes certainly should.

Floor to ceiling curtain panels will make the space in the room feel larger. Small curtains that simply fit the size of the window look functional and less sophisticated.

2. The Richness of Silk

The type of fabric you choose for your drapes is as important as the color or pattern.

If you want to add a touch of luxury in a living room then look no further than smooth, glossy silk. For extra richness go for a gold or regal purple color. Although silk is relatively light, it can work well with a heavy lining.

3. Popular Curtain Fabrics

Velvet is another great choice of curtain fabric. It will add warmth in the winter months. Scatter some velvet cushions to match on a sofa or chaise longue for a touch of class. Velvet says glamor but without being over the top.

Linen fabrics are usually eco-friendly. They’ll also last a long time so they’re a great investment. Like their silk counterparts, they’re light in weight. They’ll give a clean and fresh feel to any living space.

4. Patterned Fabrics

It doesn’t matter what type of fabric you choose, patterned drapes are a perfect way to give depth and personality to a room. Add texture with embroidered patterns.

Take care when using patterned curtains in a smaller sized room. Make sure the style and color don’t overpower the rest of your interior design choices.

5. Valances

These are the decorative panels of fabric that finish off the style of your drapes. Often they can give a more formal touch to the look of your drapes. They’re a great way to hide curtain rods or blind mechanisms.

Valances can be made in a wide variety of styles to match the feel you’re trying to create for your room.

6. Blinds Are Perfect Modern Window Treatments

Blinds are usually made to fit inside your window frame. They can have either horizontal or vertical slats. These can then be adjusted to open and close to let in the right amount of light.

For the most ultra-modern look, go for organic materials such as woven wood or bamboo.

7. Window Shades

These are similar to blinds in that shades tend to fit inside the window’s frame. They are created by using a solid single piece of fabric. Varieties of shades range from classic rollers to Roman styles.

Shades tend to work best on smaller windows. Simply roll them up to let in the light.

Brighten up Your Room

Modern window treatments will give any room a new and exciting look. Choose drapes with a rich fabric or a fashionable blind to make a lasting impact.

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