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Kennesaw GA Bedroom Furniture Store | Mattress Selection Expert Services Updated

Those in Kennesaw and surrounding areas who are in search of a new mattress can now schedule a one-on-one consultation with GA Mattress Brokers’ resident expert. The updated service allows an industry professional to find the customer’s ideal mattress by trying out various models in-store and then matching them to one that fits their budget.

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This update offers a more personalized service from the company, as it means that typically only one customer is in in-store for their appointment at any one time. Each customer can now get a bespoke education on mattresses and sleep and test out different mattress models with the focused attention and assistance of an expert.

1-hour mattress consultations can be booked online through the company’s website. GA Mattress Brokers advises that customers come to their appointment wearing comfortable clothing and ready to lie down and try out a variety of mattresses.

The average person spends ⅓ of their life sleeping, so, as GA Mattress Brokers points out, a good mattress is important for healthy and long-lasting sleep. According to the company’s website, mattresses should be replaced every 8-10 years. Prospective clients are encouraged to look for signs of wear and tear or sagging on their current mattress, which are clear indicators that investment in a new mattress is needed.

The aforementioned update to GA Mattress Brokers’ consultation services is in line with the company’s commitment to helping Kennesaw residents choose the right mattress, get better sleep, and save money in the process.

GA Mattress Brokers’ owner, Matt Wolf, has over 18 years of experience in the mattress industry and is recognized as an expert in his field. His company has developed a strong reputation for its high-quality products and professional customer service, as indicated by its numerous positive testimonials.

A satisfied customer said, “Matt gave us a lot of his time – more than an hour – to answer our questions and allow us to test several different beds. His knowledge of the business is very evident, and his explanations were very helpful. We are very pleased with the service we received and the bed we purchased.”

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