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The Benefits of Having Video Brochures

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It’s tough to engage consumers who have “seen it all.” It’s a fact that trying to keep up in an ever-changing marketing landscape can be taxing.

But video campaigns have up to 82% view rates. Even better, up to 46% of viewers take action in some targeted video ad campaign platforms.

How can you get in on the action? A video brochure campaign is a great idea. We’ll explain how you can grow your business, grow awareness of an issue, advertise a product, and generally engage with audiences

Are you ready to find out the benefits? Let’s get a move on, then!

All Businesses & Industries Benefit

Video advertising and marketing isn’t limited by a single industry or type of business. This means that just about everyone can make use of video marketing benefits. Whether you’re a plumber, have a brick-and-mortar storefront, or giving a tour and introduction for a factory you can benefit.

Having a video brochure can ensure that your customers understand your product or service. Memory is expandable, and the device can be charged at any time. Take advantage of the possibilities!

Media Interaction

Do you remember those audio cards from the 90s and 00s? Yeah, the ones you opened and screamed. Video brochures are not like that at all.

You can select the volume, play, and pause. Interaction with the video keeps people engaged and allows them to be comfortable while viewing what you have to say. It also engages them and increases the possibility they will repeat the video more than once.

Effects With Staying Power

The impact of video on customers is well-documented but continues to grow as video marketing is used more effectively. In one study viewers had a 95% retention rate of information in the video.

Not only that but 92% of viewers with a mobile device also shared the video. Video brochures travel well and are durable enough to change many hands. Expect your video to “go viral” in an office quickly.

Think of this as utilizing a physically-based social network that others don’t even know exists.

One of These Is Not Like the Others (You)

On the point of not knowing it exists, a video brochure will set you apart from your competition unlike anything else. You’ll be known and known well.

72% of customers prefer watching a video to reading a brochure, especially if it’s being presented or narrated by an executive, founder, or owner. Even better, after watching a video, 84% of viewers are likely to use your product over a competitor’s.

Closing The Card

A video brochure is another tool in your toolbelt as a business owner or a marketing team. Don’t leave home without it! You might be thinking this tool is going to be too expensive, though.

Don’t worry, we offer various price points and order scales to suit your needs. If you thought a targeted video marketing campaign was out of reach or too expensive for your business, think again.

Don’t hesitate, get in touch today and we can work together on a campaign that fits your needs like a glove.

Dominate Direct Mail

Now that you know just how these video mailers make an impact, it’s time to shift focus and start approaching your marketing in a new way. Stop scrambling to compete with every average business online and start catching the right attention for your growth.

Ready to up your marketing game? Get in touch with us today and start reeling in contracts with your out-of-the-box approach.

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