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Best Tinder Pickup Lines

10 Tinder Pickup Lines Guaranteed to Get a Reply

Dating in the modern world is fast paced. People work long hours, and no one has time to scour the bar scene.

That’s why more and more people are turning to apps like Tinder to get the job done, and boy does Tinder ever succeed.

Tinder users average 26 million matches per day and 1.4 billion swipes. Talk about dating activity.

There’s no shortage of liveliness, so how do you start racking up the matches? With the best tinder pick up lines of course.

We’re upping your Tinder game by bringing you our 10 Tinder pickup lines guaranteed to get a reply.

Line #1

“I just saw the best upsexy ever.”

Starting off really strong here with line number one. If you hit him (or her) with this one you might as well start driving to their house.

If you’re confused, tell us why. We’re sure you’re dying to ask, What’s up sexy?

Line #2

“What the difference between me and my couch?”

Use this one sparingly, because you’re either getting with her or she’s running for the hills.

When she inevitably asks, “What,” hit her with this gem. My couch pulls out.

Line #3

“Want to come over to my place and watch porn on my flatscreen mirror?”

This line equals pure gold. Seriously, whoever first spit this out needs a medal or something.

Not only is it straight to the point, but the other person is a guaranteed laugh. And uh, mirrors are pretty cool.

Line #4

“Think you could help? I forgot my account password and the hint keeps telling me insertnamehere’s phone number. Can you help me out?”

Our first line that doesn’t lead straight into the bedroom. This one lets you keep it casual while still scoring the digits.

Plus, it’s really damn clever.

Line #5

“Didn’t we hook up?”

Well, you’re probably not going to get his number, but you’re for sure going to get a response.

What are we saying, follow up their response with “I’m pretty sure you almost got me pregnant,” and anything could happen.

Or maybe you did hook up and round two is in the cards.

Line #6

“You look like my mom.”

This one is, uh, another that’s going to get the conversation started. Oh, she will respond to this. Who wouldn’t be curious?

You’ll need to follow this one up with something pretty smooth, though.

Line #7

“Want to get high and watch Game of Thrones?”

This line’s pretty self-explanatory. If they don’t want to get high or watch Game of Thrones, can you really trust that person?

We say no. Though we suppose you can lose the weed if you’re not living somewhere like Colorado.

Line #8

“I’ve had a crush on you for 2 hours.”

Alright, so sometimes you have to lead off with something normal. There’s no shock value here, but they’ll think it’s cute and to the point.

Line #9

“Treat me like a pirate and gimme that booty.”

We don’t think this line needs any explanation. You’re after that booty, nuff said. Anyone hearing that will feel pretty good about their own booty.

Line #10

“Hey, are you fertile?”

A question like that always creates interest. When they say, “What,” hit em’ with “Oh, I just need a baby to get my inheritance.”

They will not see that coming.

There you have it. The 10 Tinder pickup lines guaranteed to get a reply. Will they work to seal the deal? Maybe. Should you try anyway? Definitely.

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