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10 of the Best Tattoo Drawing Apps

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Did you know that many tattoo artists used to be art students? This is why requesting custom designs is a popular choice by clients.

When you walk into a tattoo parlor, there are usually multiple designs to choose from. But getting a custom tattoo requires patience and collaboration with a tattoo artist.

And only with experience can a tattoo artist give proper input to a client.

The best way for tattoo artists to practice their artistry is to use a tattoo drawing app. By using a tattoo app, you can preview your design on any part of your body.

If you’re interested in learning about the best tattoo drawing apps, keep reading!

What Are Tattoo Design Apps?

In order to become better at your artistry, you must practice. Using an app or tattoo design software helps tattoo artists practice, learn tattoo sketching tips, and share their work.

The designs you create on these apps can even go into your studio as a choice for future clients.

It’s important to note that tattoo design apps are meant for both tattoo artists and customers. People who are looking to get a tattoo can utilize these apps to ensure that their decision is the right one.

Since getting a tattoo is a serious and permanent decision, it’s helpful to see what a tattoo will look like before it’s done. This way, you can create any adjustments needed or scrap the idea altogether.

Tattoo design apps have collections of tattoo designs available to place over an image of yourself. Some of the best apps even have a custom drawing feature so that you can use your custom design on your body.

There are even some professional tattoo apps that serve as a community for budding tattoo artists. They feature videos, designs, and how-to videos.

And with an app, you have a more realistic visual to show your client when they request a design. During your appointment, you can use the design app to show them what it’ll look like on their body.

Top 10 Tattoo Design Apps

Whether you’re a tattoo artist or someone looking to get a tattoo, there are plenty of design apps to aid your decision. But there are some apps better than others.

While using an app from the App Store or Google Play is the most common, many revert to using software like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. That being said, you should use the option that best fits your budget and skills in technology.

Maneuvering Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop can be difficult, which is why many find that using an app is easier. Here are the top 10 tattoo design apps you can choose from.

1. Inkhunter

The most popular app to use for tattoo design ideas is Inkhunter. There are plenty of positive ratings and reviews that go along with this app.

The main attraction to this app is the use of augmented reality. You are able to preview a tattoo in real-time and try it on any body part. And you can upload your own tattoo ideas to test out, as well.

To use this app, point the camera to the part of the body where you want your tattoo. Then apply the design. With the help of augmented reality, your tattoo will remain in place as you move.

This allows you to see your tattoo from multiple different angles.

If you’re interested in a text tattoo, there are plenty of fonts to choose from. You can also find realistic pictures or abstract patterns in different colors.

2. Tattoodo

Tattoodo gives access to the portfolios of famous tattoo artists from around the world. There is a great gallery of tattoo designs that are divided into different categories and styles.

The app allows you to share your location so that you can find tattoo parlors near you, which is a tool that tattoo artists can utilize for marketing purposes. There is a subscription service that comes along with this app so that you can stay updated on the artists you like.

Tattoodo allows you to create your own portfolio so that you can upload your designs, add hashtags, and share them with the community. This platform is similar to Instagram, but it is specifically for tattoos.

3. Tattoo Design HD

Tattoo Design HD is a newer app on the market, but it is a great place to search for different tattoo designs. It is a free app that allows you to search through over 1,000 design collections.

Every image on this app is in high resolution which allows you to zoom in to view fine details. Every week, Tattoo Design HD updates its catalog with the latest trends across the globe.

4. Japanese Tattoo Designs

Every culture has different traditions when it comes to tattoos. Learning the history of tattoos is equally important as knowing how to draw them.

Japanese Tattoo Designs include hundreds of tattoo designs based on Asian culture. These include dragons, samurai, and geisha. There are even traditional images, signs, symbols, and historical patterns.

This app serves mostly as a gallery as there is no editing feature.

5. Tattoo Designs

Tattoo Designs is a free app that comes with great ratings. There are hundreds of tattoo ideas that you can take inspiration from.

First, choose a category that involves your favorite themes. From there, you’re able to browse different designs in an organized manner rather than aimlessly searching through Google.

6. Tattoo My Photo

Tattoo My Photo is similar to Inkhunter but doesn’t involve augmented reality. It is an easy app to use but has many advertisements that can leave you feeling frustrated when you try to use it.

With this app, you’re able to create your own tattoo design and share it on social media. You can even share your design with your friends by messaging!

Just like many design apps before, you must upload your body part photo. Then you can choose from different designs and preview them. Tattoo My Photo also allows you to change the color, size, and transparency of the tattoo.

And you can edit the brightness and contrast of the photo. It’s a great, budget-friendly option for tattoo artists and clients alike.

7. Tattoo Fonts

Written tattoos are a popular choice among clients, so it’s important to be versed in different fonts. Tattoo Fonts is an app that allows you to test out different fonts.

All you need to do is type your sentence and from there, you’re able to test out any fonts you want. The fonts that you like can be added to your “Favorites,” so that you’re able to come back to them.

Though this app is mostly consumer-based, it is beneficial to tattoo artists by exposing them to different kinds of fonts. This way, you won’t be taken by surprise when a client comes to you with a written tattoo idea.

8. Inksquad

Inksquad is a relatively new app that serves as a community for artists and tattoo fans. It’s a great app to show off your work and connect with potential clients and other tattoo artists.

This app also has a location service that shows you the nearest parlors available. You can search for tattoos based on styles and body parts.

Though the app is easy to use, it only supports two languages: English and Italian. And there is no Andriod version, yet.

9. Tattoo Maker

Tattoo Maker is a great app for solely designing tattoos. It includes a gallery of preset designs and an option to upload your own.

When you choose a design, you can modify it through the app. Whether you want to change its shape, size, or color, it is all possible on Tattoo Maker.

The app doesn’t require registration and it’s free to use.

10. Adobe Illustrator Draw

The final member of the list is a software program. By creating an account with Adobe, you may purchase different Adobe software.

Illustrator is popular among many artists and graphic designers. It takes time to learn, but with patience, it becomes a great asset.

Tattoo Apprenticeship

In ancient times, tattoos served as a way to symbolize status and were used for religious purposes. It is one of the oldest art forms in the world.

If tattooing is something that you’re interested in pursuing, then taking part in an apprenticeship is the right choice for you.

A tattoo apprenticeship is not a school, but it’s a way for a student to learn everything before becoming an established tattoo artist. The average apprenticeship takes about two years to complete and is a hands-off experience.

In an apprenticeship, one will learn things like how to build a machine and the safety protocols involved in a tattoo parlor.

The Art of Tattoo Drawing

As a tattoo artist, you must practice and hone in on your craft. It’s important to stay consistent so that you avoid a creative plateau.

Using tattoo drawing apps will help aid your practice and keep you inspired. By connecting with tattoo artists online, you become more well-rounded in the world of tattooing.

And a great way to gain experience that’ll help you advance in your tattooing journey is taking part in an apprenticeship.

If you’re interested in signing up for a tattoo apprenticeship, contact us for more information!

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