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10 Master Tips for Reaching Your Goal on Time

Reaching Your Goal

The New Year is approaching which means the start of new resolutions.

Every year millions of people set resolutions for the new year. Some of them follow through with their goals while others let them fall flat.

Reaching your goal take commitment and time but it is doable.

This article will give you 10 tips for managing your time and making your dreams a reality.

1. Write Your Goal Down

It is much harder to ignore a goal that is written down in your own handwriting.

Having mental goals is good, but writing goals down will help you remember them and solidify your purpose.

Buy a new notebook that is exclusively for the goals you have for the new year. Write down what the goal is and how you plan to achieve it.

2. Break Your Goal Down

Losing 100 pounds might sound like an unattainable goal.

The end seems so far away and like you’ll never get there. However, when you break down that goal to losing 10 pounds at a time it suddenly sounds more reasonable.

Every big goal should be broken up into smaller ones. Set benchmarks for yourself along the way to reaching your ultimate goal.

Reaching these smaller benchmarks will help you feel accomplished and keep you motivated.

3. Reward Your Small Victories

There’s no need to wait until you achieve your ultimate goal to reward yourself. Instead, reward yourself after each benchmark you reach.

A reward can be as simple as a piece of your favorite cake or a movie ticket to see a new blockbuster film.

Write down the rewards you’ll get for each step of your goal. Seeing the rewards written down will be enough motivation for you to continue.

4. Invest in Your Goal

Put money on your goal, literally.

After you set your goal, start an investment jar to start collecting money from yourself. Every week, add 10-15 dollars into the investment jar.

The trick is you’re not allowed to open the jar until you’ve completed your goal.

Once your goal is done, you’ll not only have your new accomplishment, you’ll also have the money you saved along the way.

Use the money to buy something you’ve been wanting for a long time. Or put it in the bank to gather more interest. Either way, the bonus of finally getting to crack into your money jar will be added incentive to reach your goal.

5. Tell A Friend

You’d be surprised how quickly talking to a friend about your goals helps to solidify them in your own head.

Speaking your desires out loud helps you to make sense of them.

Take the time to explain your goal to a close friend or family member. Describe in detail why you want to have this achievement and how you plan to get there.

Ask them to be your accountability partner. Ask if they would be willing to check in with you every couple of weeks to see how you’re progressing toward your end goal.

The check-ins will keep you on track and remind you that someone besides yourself is rooting for you.

6. Expect Setbacks

Before you even start working toward your goal you need to realize that setbacks can and will happen.

Acknowledging this beforehand will make you more prepared to handle them when they occur.

Don’t expect perfectly smooth sailing from start to finish. Make a list of possible setbacks and how you plan to deal with them when they arise.

Having this list will make you feel more secure that you can handle the problems.

7. Look For Online Support

The internet has support groups of forums for every interest.

You can join an entire online network of people who are also trying to reach your goal and who have success and failure stories.

Don’t forget to mine the internet for its many resources and tips.

Sites like Reddit have people from all over the world talking about subjects as obscure as Furbies. Join the conversation with people who are interested in your goal.

8. Hire a Coach

Reaching a big goal is tough. Whether it’s a personal goal or business goal, it’s likely you could benefit from professional help.

Hire a coach to motivate you and give you the tools you need to succeed.

Coaches have plenty of experience with the best way to guide someone down the right path. They will help you focus on what’s important.

9. Treat Your Body Well

Sometimes we get so caught up in reaching the goals that we forget to take care of our most important assets—our bodies. Treat your body with respect while you’re trying to reach your goal.

This means getting 7-9 hours of sleep every night, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and exercising regularly.

You should be spending at least 30 minutes a day working out your body. Use a combination of cardio and strength training to achieve a well-rounded physique.

Remember a healthy body means a sharp mind.

10. Focus on the Positive

Achieving your goals takes an element of optimism.

You’ll never get where you want to be if you keep dwelling on how horrible things are going.

Choose to focus on the positive and reducing stress. Keeping stress levels down will keep you healthy and on track to succeed.

Now You Know the Secrets to Reaching Your Goal

Reaching your goal, whatever it may be, will be full of challenges.

It will also be full of rewards and celebrations. Remember to keep focusing on small increments, stay in good physical shape, and remember the positive.

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